our top 5 tips for a fresh start + smart mouth in the new year

our top 5 tips for a fresh start + smart mouth in the new year

The new year is upon us! We’re celebrating this fresh start by sharing our top tips for prioritizing self-care and achieving optimal oral+overall health this year.

While that may sound daunting, we want to reassure you that we’re focusing on simple fundamental tips that can be implemented immediately! No stress, no complicated jargon, no overwhelm...just a few shifts in focus that can deliver incredible results. During a time when resolutions can get a little crazy, we want to encourage you to consider small, incremental changes that can turn into long-term self-care practices.

You see, your body is an intricate system whose components overlap and interact constantly. Once you learn to approach each system from a holistic perspective, amazing things can happen!

1: practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is one of the most accessible ways to enhance your overall health. It’s the act of grounding yourself in the present moment, tuning into your body, your breath, your senses, and your surroundings...resisting the urge to dwell on the past or stress about the future.

It’s a great way to identify what your body truly needs at any given moment. Maybe you’re holding tension in your shoulders, abdomen, or jaw. Or maybe you have oral discomfort that has gone under your radar because there’s so much other stuff on your plate.

Don’t worry, mindfulness meditation doesn’t have to be a super time-consuming thing. By simply practicing micro self-care and self-compassion rituals during your oral care routine, you can be well on your way to calming your stress+anxiety, improving your focus, memory, and clarity, and tuning into your oral (and overall) needs.

2: channel your inner minimalist

At Davids, we love minimalism. Living with less stuff and more intention is our favorite.

Minimalism inspires our formulas, our branding, and our overall approach to life. Fewer, more thoughtful ingredients can pack a ton of health benefits without harming your body or the planet. Consuming fewer (higher-quality) products can boost your self-care rituals. And adopting the “less is more mindset” can improve your life by reducing anxiety, limiting judgement+comparison, and allowing you to find more meaningful ways to measure value+purpose in your life.

In the world of oral care, minimalism can give you a fresh start by encouraging you to examine the products you’re using, get rid of the ones that are not serving you, and seek products like Davids that pack a ton of benefits without chemical, artificial, or toxic ingredients.

3: focus on sustainability

Caring for the environment is more important than ever, and sustainable decisions begin with consciousness.

Whenever you use a self-care product, buy a new piece of clothing or furniture, sift through foods in the grocery store...ask yourself, is this good for the environment? If the answer is no, it’s probably not good for you either!

The natural world lends us shelter, inspiration, beauty, oxygen, peace of mind, healing elements, and so much more! Safeguarding the natural world is an act of self-care, which is a huge reason why we’re proud to live by the motto “sustain nature+you.”

Our innovative natural toothpaste removes the toxic ingredients found in conventional toothpaste and replaces them with naturally sourced & naturally derived ingredients that outperform outer formulas in lab tests. Not only are these ingredients amazing for your oral+overall health, they’re gentle on the planet. A perfect example of the idea that sustainability is self-care.

4: nourish your microbiomes

Not exactly sure what we mean when we say microbiomes? No worries, we’re referring to your gut microbiome and your oral microbiome. By the way, “microbiome” is just a fancy word for an environment (e.g. your mouth or gut) and all of the microorganisms that allow the environment (and the rest of your body) to thrive.

Your gut microbiome plays a massive role in your mood, weight, brain health, heart health, liver function, immune system function, and beyond...and your oral microbiome is directly linked to it.

In obvious ways, your mouth is the window to your gut. Digestion begins in your mouth, and the microorganisms in your mouth can interact directly with those in your gut. If there’s an unhealthy balance of bacteria in your mouth, it can disrupt the delicate system in your gut. Doctors and researchers have found oral bacteria when investigating diseases like diabetes, colon cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and more.

Long story short, you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure that both systems are balanced, healthy, and flourishing. Here are a few simple tips to get you started.

  • Avoid processed foods with preservatives+artificial additives.
  • Avoid simple carbs+sugars and focus on getting fiber through veggies.
  • Prioritize probiotic foods (yogurt, kombucha, kimchi, tempeh, and more).
  • Ditch the idea that you need to wipe out all bacteria in your mouth with harsh products like mouthwash.
  • Remove plaque while balancing the good bacteria in your mouth with natural products like Davids Natural Toothpaste, natural floss, tongue scrapers, and more (outlined in the next section).

When these intricate systems are balanced, it paves the way for optimal oral+overall health!

5: optimize your oral care routine

Let’s complete your smart mouth routine!

  • Choose the right toothbrush for you. You can find our guide here.
  • Grab a spool of vegan floss, a tongue scraper, some oil pulling, and a breath spray. You can find our top brand recommendations here.
  • Last, but certainly not least, get yourself the best natural toothpaste out there!

Davids Natural Toothpaste is fortified with naturally sourced+derived ingredients that reduce bad bacteria, break down plaque, whiten+polish your teeth, freshen your breath, and promote oral+overall health. It’s the perfect product to inspire you to start fresh in the new year and maintain a smart mouth for years to come.

Oh, and Happy New Year from the Davids family to yours!

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