10 creative ways to celebrate world smile day + make it brighter with hydroxyapatite

10 creative ways to celebrate world smile day + make it brighter with hydroxyapatite

Friday, October 6th is World Smile Day! Falling on the first Friday in October every year, World Smile Day is all about spreading kindness and happiness.

We’re celebrating by exploring the history behind the holiday, some little-known fun facts about smiling, and some unexpected ways to spread smiles. With the potential to instantly boost your mood and increase your longevity, one smile has a lot more power than you might think!

the story behind world smile day

World Smile Day is the product of an iconic symbol: the smiley face.

Harvey Ball created the smiley face in 1963, not knowing it would become one of the most famous (and happiest) symbols in the world. As the smiley face gained popularity, Harvey began to grow apprehensive about its commercialization, fearing its original meaning (to spread cheer) would get lost. (This is understandable, now that we often convey fake smiles through emojis on our phones.) In an effort to preserve the meaning behind the smiley face, Harvey created World Smile Day in 1999. From then on, the first Friday of October would be an annual celebration dedicated to smiles, kindness, and happiness.

To get you feeling inspired about this delightful day, let’s dive into 10 fun facts about smiling!

  1. smiling alone can boost your mood by increasing serotonin + dopamine in the brain
  2. it calms your nervous system (in turn, relieving stress + boosting your immune system)
  3. smiling is often referred to as the “natural painkiller”
  4. it’s one of the few universal signs of happiness
  5. smiling uses anywhere from 5 to 53 facial muscles (depending on the smile)
  6. there are 19 different types of smiles
  7. babies can start smiling as soon as they’re born
  8. science says that smiling is contagious
  9. studies show that women smile more often than men
  10. smiling might increase longevity

There you have it, one smile has the power to ignite a lot of positivity for yourself and the people around you!

creative ways to celebrate world smile day

The motto behind World Smile Day is: "Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile!” To celebrate, we’ve dreamed up 10 creative ways you can spread smiles.

  1. treat someone to their morning cup of coffee/tea
  2. make dinner for a neighbor/friend in need
  3. if you see a parking meter expired, add some money to it
  4. compliment someone out loud (often we think these things but don’t say them)
  5. leave a note with words of affirmation on someone’s car
  6. leave a treat outside for your mail/package carrier
  7. plant a new tree with a new friend
  8. write your partner an unexpected love note
  9. write a heartfelt thanks to your helpful coworker
  10. rake your neighbor's leaves when you go to do your own

We’d love to hear the creative ideas you come up with! Be sure to share your stories about brightening someone’s day on World Smile Day.

natural teeth whitening for a brighter smile

We know it can feel hard to get excited about World Smile Day (or get all the benefits of smiling) when you’re not feeling confident about your smile. If you’ve ever felt insecure about the alignment of your teeth, the shade of your enamel, or anything in regard to your oral health, you know that your smile can have a huge impact on your self-esteem....often keeping you from avoiding the act altogether. Studies show that people who smile less seem less approachable and might not even get promoted as quickly as their smiling counterparts.

To help you feel more confident about your smile, we’re sharing some of our favorite natural teeth whitening techniques. (In regards to issues with your oral health and alignment, we’re here to encourage you to make an appointment with your dentist.)

  • hydroxyapatite toothpaste: brushing daily with Davids sensitive + whitening hydroxyapatite toothpaste can work wonders for your white smile. Not only does science show that hydroxyapatite alone can lighten the shade of your teeth, but it does so by strengthening and remineralizing your enamel. The result is a bright white smile that actually feels better since hydroxyapatite remineralization provides both enamel repair and tooth sensitivity relief.
  • natural mouthwash: while conventional mouthwash is all about wiping out all of the bacteria in your delicate oral microbiome, natural mouthwash works to reduce bad bacteria and stabilize your mouth’s pH without completely wiping it out. It does so by avoiding harmful ingredients such as alcohol and peroxides and instead using intentional ingredients such as xylitol and hydroxyapatite. As the natural mouthwash effectively balances the bacteria in your mouth, xylitol and nano hydroxyapatite work together as a remineralizing dream team to strengthen your enamel (and your confidence along with it). Stay tuned for a special announcement from us about a brand-new natural mouthwash!
  • PAP teeth whitening: Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP) is a natural alternative to peroxide-based chemical whitening that’s gentle on your enamel. Unlike peroxide-based products, PAP teeth whitening does not release damaging free radicals as it whitens. On top of this, PAP+ is formulated with nano hydroxyapatite, the natural hero ingredient that works to remineralize and strengthen your enamel on a molecular level. PAP teeth whitening comes in different forms, including toothpaste, mouthwash, gels, strips, and powders. You have a lot of options to choose from, which makes it easier to integrate this natural method into your routine!

You can see that our favorite natural teeth whitening methods all have something in common: hydroxyapatite. It’s the secret (natural) ingredient to a bright white smile, one that actually feels strong and healthy....not sensitive and vulnerable.

We hope you feel inspired to celebrate World Smile Day by doing something amazing for your smile...and spreading kindness to all the people who could use it!

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