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10 little-known facts about your teeth to get your kids excited about oral care

10 little-known facts about your teeth to get your kids excited about oral care

We know it can be hard to get your little one excited about oral health. With foundations that include avoiding sugary foods and brushing twice daily, it’s easy for kids to think oral care is the exact opposite of fun.

But we want to bring the fun back to kids oral care by sharing 10 surprising facts about teeth. We hope these fun facts impress your little ones and help them feel more inspired to care for their teeth every single day. One of the easiest ways to do that is to brush daily with Davids strawberry watermelon toothpaste, the best natural toothpaste for kids!

1: you gain 12 teeth after your baby teeth fall out

The first set of “baby teeth” only has 20 teeth! Once they fall out and you grow your second set of adult teeth, you have 32. With more molars and premolars, you’re able to chew harder, tougher food to make sure it’s easily digestible.

Each tooth in your set of 32 has its own function, so it’s important to treat them all with love during your daily oral care routine.

2: your enamel is stronger than bone

With a Mohs Hardness Scale ranking of 5, your enamel (the outer, protective layer of your tooth) is the hardest substance in your body.

But that certainly doesn’t mean your enamel is invincible. Although it’s hard, it’s also paper-thin, and it comes into contact with so many damaging acids, hard snacks, and more. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your kids oral care routine nourishes and strengthens your enamel every single day! (More on that next.)

3: teeth are the only part of your body that can’t self-repair

They can’t self-repair, so you better take care!

We just discussed that enamel is the strongest substance in your body, but it contains no living cells. This means that once your enamel is truly damaged, it can’t rebuild itself. This is why it’s so important to strengthen and protect your enamel while it’s still healthy.

How can you do that? Brush daily with Davids, the best natural toothpaste for kids. You can also throw hydroxyapatite toothpaste or natural mouthwash (fortified with hydroxyapatite) into your kids oral care routine to help them remineralize and strengthen their enamel at the molecular level.

4: on average, you’ll spend 38 days of your life brushing your teeth

When you add it all up, you don’t even spend two months of your whole life brushing your teeth! We hope this serves as a little inspiration for your little ones to keep on going with their daily kids oral care routine.

5: your teeth have “roots”

Did you know that only two-thirds of your tooth exists above the gumline? The part below your gums is called the “root” of your tooth. The root contains lots of blood vessels and super-sensitive nerves, which can lead to a lot of discomfort if not properly protected.

The outer layers of your teeth (the enamel and dentin) protect the roots, so your nerves aren’t exposed to daily threats like sugars and acids. To keep your enamel and dentin healthy, you have to clean and nourish them every single day. So you can tell your little one there is rhyme and reason behind the kids oral health advice you always preach.

6: your teeth are basically another set of fingerprints

No two people have the same set of teeth, just like no two people have the same fingerprint. Your teeth are beautifully unique, and we hope that makes you feel even more inspired to take care of them all throughout the day.

7: your teeth started growing before you were born

Although your first baby teeth don’t erupt until 6-12 months, those teeth actually begin to form when the baby is still in the womb (as early as the 6-week mark)! Isn’t it cool to know your amazing teeth have been growing and developing since before you were born? All the more reason to treat them with special care.

8: before toothpaste, people used ground oyster shells

The toothpaste we know and love hasn’t been around that long....compared to how long humans have roamed this planet.

Before toothpaste, humans would create their own toothpaste mixtures from nature (hey, sound familiar?). However, their formulas weren’t quite as delicious and gentle as our natural toothpaste. They would use things like crushed oyster shells, charcoal, salt, animal hooves, eggshells, pumice stones, and more. Knowing that is enough to make us feel grateful for the amazing natural toothpaste we get to use today.

9: your teeth can tell a story

When the Tooth Fairy picks up a tooth, it can uncover a lot about your little one’s habits. From the yellow plaque buildup on the surface to the scratches, holes, and imperfections in your enamel, teeth can tell a story about brushing habits, your diet, and your tendency to grind/clench.

A yellow hue might tell a story of poor oral hygiene. A scratch on the surface might indicate frequent eating of hard foods (like pretzels!) or teeth grinding. Dark spots might reveal decay from excess sugar consumption.

The good news? Your kids oral care routine has the power to write the story! Make sure it’s a good story by using the best natural toothpaste for kids.

10: dogs have over 10 more teeth than humans

You now know that you have 32 teeth as an adult, but did you know that most dogs have 42 teeth? They have more premolars as well as sharper canine teeth, so they can chew through harder substances. And yes, even dogs have to keep on top of their oral health!

why Davids is the best natural toothpaste for kids

Our strawberry watermelon toothpaste is the best natural toothpaste for kids....because it’s not only delicious, but it's also effective at breaking down plaque, freshening breath, and leaving you (and your little one) with a supreme clean. And it does so without the use of chemicals or artificial ingredients! Each of our ingredients is derived from nature, and we never include questionable ingredients such as fluoride or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

If your little one doesn't mind the taste of mint, we highly recommend adding our sensitive+whitening nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste to their kids oral care routine. As the best kids toothpaste without fluoride, it contains enamel-strengthening hydroxyapatite, the natural, non-toxic, and arguably more effective alternative to fluoride.

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