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how our bamBOO toothbrush and supernatural toothpaste help you fight the frights of Halloween

how our bamBOO toothbrush and supernatural toothpaste help you fight the frights of Halloween

Spooky season has arrived, and Halloween is creeping up! The spirit of this season is both exciting and nostalgic, and we want to help you savor it in the most sustainable, mouth-friendly way.

It’s no secret that Halloween is supposed to be scary. But perhaps some of the scariest parts of it are lurking in the shadows.

the scariest sides of Halloween

Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins might steal the “scary” spotlight on Halloween, but you can be sure that cavities and plastic waste are waiting for their turn at a jump scare.

sugar surge

Many news outlets claim Americans buy 600 million pounds of candy on Halloween. This sugar surge can cause some damage, especially to little ones’ whose teeth are still developing. How does sugar cause cavities? It “feeds” the bad bacteria in your mouth, allowing them to deposit acids on your teeth and form a gooey, damaging coating on your teeth (plaque). This plaque (and the bacteria and acids in it) eats away at your enamel, leading to sensitivity and tooth decay.

Candies that are sticky, chewy, or long-lasting (like lollipops) can keep the sugar coating on your teeth for even longer than normal, really fueling those bacteria in your mouth to do some damage to your pearly whites.

plastic waste

On top of the oral care impacts of Halloween, it’s also one of the more wasteful holidays out there! Here are just some frightening facts about the plastic waste generated on Halloween.

  • 40 million pounds of candy waste: it’s estimated that every trick-or-treater generates one pound of trash on Halloween, and there are over 40 million of them. Most (if not all) candy wrappers end up in landfills because they’re so hard to recycle.
  • 2,000 tons of plastic costume waste: a UK study found that nearly 84% of Halloween costumes are made from plastic-derived materials, and almost half of them are only worn once. If these were to end up in a landfill, it would equal roughly 2,000 tons (83 million soda bottles) worth of plastic waste.
  • plastic decorations: while there’s no way to truly estimate the waste generated from synthetic Halloween decorations, just think of all the plastic jack-o-lanterns, spiders, webbing, and other scary props out there. We hope everyone is reusing these year after year, otherwise, the plastic waste from Halloween keeps growing.

our tips to fight these frights

Keep up with your holistic oral care routine and be sure your little ones are doing the same.

  • don’t indulge all day long: it’s better to enjoy your candy in short bursts, so the sugar has less time to “plant roots” on your pearly whites. This can look like grabbing just a few pieces of candy at a time or making sure you avoid those chewy, long-lasting types.
  • drink your water: water can loosen some of the bacteria that might be getting too comfortable on the surface of your teeth. It can also help you return the pH of your mouth to a healthy level after some sugary snacks.
  • brush after a candy craze: have you ever felt a rough coating on your teeth after eating some sugary snacks? Your teeth are telling you they want a little refresh! Grab your Davids bamboo toothbrush and natural toothpaste to freshen up after indulging. This is one of the best ways to nurture your long-term oral health (while avoiding plastics, too)!

Explore new ways to ditch plastics.

  • upcycle your costume: it’s pretty shocking how much Halloween costumes can contribute to plastic pollution. We hope these facts inspire you to DIY your Halloween costume from upcycled fabrics or old costumes!
  • make your own Halloween treats: we know this one might be a little unrealistic if you get hundreds of trick-or-treaters at your door, but you can always consider making some homemade treats and wrapping them in a sustainable/recyclable material such as aluminum or beeswax wraps.
  • use natural and/or reusable decorations: pumpkins are one of the best Halloween decorations! If you’re carving yours, we recommend repurposing the scraps in a yummy recipe. You can also DIY other Halloween decorations by upcycling materials around the house, visiting the thrift store, or reusing your old decorations every single year.

Now, let’s dive into how our bamboo toothbrush can help nurture your long-term oral health while reducing plastic pollution all year long.

how our bamBOO toothbrush and supernatural toothpaste can help

On top of the frightful Halloween waste, did you know that 1 billion plastic toothbrushes and 1.5 billion plastic toothpaste tubes make their way into US landfills every single year? By switching to our bamboo toothbrush and sustainable natural toothpaste, you can eliminate your contribution to this plastic pollution altogether. And you can do so while still effectively nurturing your long-term oral health....even during one of the most sugary holidays of the year!

Let’s dive into some of the biggest bamboo toothbrush benefits first.

  • a bamboo toothbrush is safe: unlike other plants, bamboo doesn’t require pesticides or harsh chemicals during the growing process. It’s safe to use in your daily oral care routine, and it’s a great way to avoid putting plastics in your delicate oral microbiome.
  • bamboo is naturally bacteria-fighting: it’s harder for bad bacteria to grow on the surface of a bamboo toothbrush, so you’re already starting with a cleaner slate.
  • a bamboo toothbrush cleans effectively: our soft-bristle bamboo toothbrush can break down plaque, freshen your breath, and lower your risk of tooth decay when used daily. It does so without damaging your enamel or irritating your gums like some other toothbrushes.
  • a bamboo toothbrush is easy to maneuver: bamboo is textured, so it doesn’t slip around like plastic. This makes it easier to reach all the tight corners of your mouth.
  • a bamboo toothbrush is gentler on the planet: instead of a fate inside a landfill, your eco friendly toothbrush can decompose within weeks. You can send it to a commercial composter, put it in your home compost bin, or even plant it in your garden. No matter which way, it will eventually decompose and return to the soil, instead of contributing to plastic pollution.
  • why Davids is the best bamboo toothbrush: our bamboo toothbrush is made with a comfortable bamboo handle coated with vegan wax to make sure it feels good in your hand and mouth. Unlike many other toothbrushes on the market with plastic bristles derived from petroleum, our bamboo toothbrush is made with BPA-free bristles derived from all-natural castor oil. You can brush happily knowing you’re using a truly eco friendly toothbrush.

Now, let’s cover some of the many ways our natural toothpaste can help you minimize the impacts of the Halloween sugar craze, while also reducing your environmental impact.

  • ultra-pure micro-abrasives: the micro-abrasives in our natural toothpaste are derived from sandstone and quartz powder. They work to safely “exfoliate” your enamel, removing bacteria, plaque, and other pathogens....without damaging your enamel or using any chemicals in the process. While other toothpaste brands might use low-quality imported micro-abrasives, ours are the highest-quality micro-abrasives sourced here in the USA.
  • baking soda: the baking soda in our natural toothpaste works to kill the bad bacteria in your mouth, in turn, reducing plaque and taming bad breath. It also works to remove surface stains to whiten and polish your pearly whites!
  • xylitol: this natural sweetener is very different from sugar, as it actually helps to kill the bad bacteria in your mouth. It does so by stimulating saliva production in your mouth, so it can naturally flush out bad bacteria to avoid the formation of plaque and restore your mouth to a healthy pH.
  • premium mint essential oils: in addition to their fresh flavor, the peppermint oils in our natural toothpaste can actually fight bacteria. Research shows that peppermint oil is antibacterial against certain strains, including those that can cause cavities.
  • nano-hydroxyapatite: hydroxyapatite is the hero ingredient when it comes to restoring and remineralizing damaged enamel (aka, reversing the damage that can lead to cavities). The nano-hydroxyapatite particles in our sensitive+whitening toothpaste work to repair your damaged enamel at the source, blocking exposed nerve passageways to relieve sensitivity and fight cavities. Not to mention, these particles already exist in your body, so this star ingredient is completely safe and biocompatible.

Are you ready to outsmart the scariest parts of Halloween?

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