does toothpaste expire? how natural ingredients promote oral health and toothpaste quality

does toothpaste expire? how natural ingredients promote oral health and toothpaste quality
At this point, you probably already know that Davids Natural Toothpaste uses ingredients that are sourced and derived from nature. After all, it’s in our name.

These ingredients all work together to nourish your oral microbiome by feeding good bacteria and fighting “bad” bacteria (the kind that causes bad breath, plaque, and eventually...cavities).

But behind the scenes, these ingredients and their benefits actually play a role in the shelf life of your toothpaste. So if you’ve ever picked up an old tube and asked yourself: “Does toothpaste expire?” now’s your chance to settle that curiosity once and for all.

But first, let’s dive into the details that explain how these ingredients help balance bacteria in your beloved oral microbiome. Trust us, it’s relevant.

Davids uses antibacterial ingredients derived from nature

The bad bacteria found in plaque are the main cavity-causing culprits. So, the best thing a toothpaste can do is effectively break down that plaque and kill those bacteria. That’s exactly why Davids is full of naturally-derived ingredients that do just that.

How does this relate to toothpaste expiration? Don’t worry, we’ll get to that. But first, the specifics...

mint oils

Davids uses ultra-premium mint oils that freshen your breath, but more importantly they have antibacterial properties that work to fight cavities. You don’t have to take our word for it, research shows that peppermint oil can help reduce bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in your mouth through its effective antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Our custom blend of ultra-premium mint oils comes from various regions around the U.S. So not only is it uniquely effective…it supports domestic mint farmers, too!

baking soda

Davids contains baking soda, which also helps kill bacteria in your mouth. Brushing with baking soda is a safe+effective way to remove plaque, as it works to neutralize the plaque forming acids in your mouth.

Don’t worry, it does all this without damaging your enamel! Although baking soda is an abrasive ingredient, Davids only uses the highest quality baking soda that keeps our natural toothpaste well within the safe range of Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA).

Plus, although baking soda is useful for all types of cleaning purposes, studies show that baking soda is particularly effective when it comes to oral care. It has antibacterial properties that are specific to oral microorganisms, and it’s proven effective in removing plaque biofilms on your teeth.


As the third line of defense against plaque+bacteria, Davids is sweetened with xylitol. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that not only makes your natural toothpaste delightfully tasty, it also works to kill bacteria...sweet and mighty.

Research shows that xylitol can effectively decrease your risk of developing cavities by helping your mouth generate saliva and balance your oral pH. It effectively reduces the bacteria and plaque levels in your mouth and protects against gum inflammation and tooth decay. So, brushing every day with this natural sweetener makes it harder and harder for cavity-causing bacteria to do harm.

what does that have to do with toothpaste expiration?

Finally, all of that leads us to our point about the expiration date on your toothpaste.

The same bacteria-fighting properties that these ingredients provide for your mouth also work to keep bacteria from growing inside your toothpaste tube. In other words, these ingredients preserve your natural toothpaste without the use of artificial preservatives.

You see, most conventional toothpastes rely on artificial preservatives to maintain the same freshness that Davids gets from its natural, antibacterial ingredients. Unfortunately, these same artificial preservatives in toothpaste can be absorbed through your gums and enter into your bloodstream every time you brush…another reason to steer clear of artificial ingredients and make natural toothpaste your go-to.

so, does toothpaste expire?

The short answer is yes.

But it’s typically more of a quality issue than a safety issue. More often than not, expiration dates are set to preserve the quality and performance of the toothpaste…not because it’ll cause you harm. After the expiration date, the ingredients can start to separate. The toothpaste is usually still safe at this point, but quality becomes a concern. With that being said, it’s still important to note that bacteria can start to grow in your toothpaste after the expiration date, so it’s a good idea to stick to it.

Which leads us to our next question: when does toothpaste expire?

Most toothpastes...natural and conventional...have a shelf life of around 24 months.

Isn’t it crazy that Davids matches the shelf life of conventional toothpaste using only naturally sourced and derived ingredients? I guess that’s why it took Eric (our founder) four years to perfect the Davids formula.

Anyways, although we use a 24-month expiration date to ensure maximum freshness, we have test samples that are four years old with no signs of bacterial growth!

It’s worth mentioning that once you open a tube of toothpaste, air enters the tube, and oxidation begins. This can alter the taste of the toothpaste over time, which is why we designate a 12-month Period After Opening (PAO) for our natural toothpaste, meaning it’s freshest when you consume it within 12 months of opening. That’s exactly what the little jar with “12M” printed on your Davids package means.

But let’s be honest, with the minty-fresh, antibacterial power of Davids that makes it your go-to’ll probably finish your tube before that 12 months is up!

is it mint to be?

If you’re interested in experiencing the bacteria-fighting powers, fresh sensation, and peace of mind that comes with natural toothpaste, we don’t blame you. It’s time to toss artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors aside...and treat your mouth to the fresh, natural pampering it deserves.

buy now.


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