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five unexpected benefits of flossing you probably haven’t heard before

five unexpected benefits of flossing you probably haven’t heard before

If you’ve been to the dentist lately, odds are you’ve been told to add flossing to your routine. It’s famous for reducing your risk of cavities, fighting gum disease, and taming bad breath. But did you know the benefits of flossing can extend far beyond your mouth?

From blood sugar to gut health, we’re brushing up on some of the unexpected benefits of flossing that you may not know....and how we created the best dental floss to help you reap the benefits without feeling super frustrated by the habit. (Anti-flossers, we’re looking at you!)

1: flossing can help reverse gum disease

If you catch gum disease in its early stages, you can reverse it with professional advice and diligent oral care habits. By “diligent” we of course mean caring for every little corner of your mouth by flossing. You might’ve heard us say before that brushing misses about 40% of your enamel’s surface, giving bacteria free rein to fester.

One of the well-known benefits of flossing is that it can reach crevices in your mouth that would otherwise remain untouched. Not to mention, our new floss is infused with xylitol and hydroxyapatite to deliver bacteria-fighting and enamel-restoring benefits to every little bit of your pearly about the best dental floss!

2: flossing may work to improve your heart health

Although many different factors can alter your risk for heart disease, experts theorize that the bacteria in your mouth can play a part. (Note: the word “theorize” is very important here, as more research is necessary to confidently link gum disease with heart disease.)

Gingivitis-causing bacteria have the power to travel throughout your body and bloodstream, entering blood vessels in other parts of your body. As the bacteria travel, they may trigger an immune response in your body that can lead to chronic inflammation and potentially increase your risk for heart disease, blood clots, and stroke. To support this theory, some experts have found traces of oral bacteria in atherosclerotic (artery-clogging) blood vessels far away from the mouth. As mentioned above, one of the major benefits of flossing is that it can fight gum disease....which might just lower your risk for heart disease!

3: flossing can boost your immune system

We’ve mentioned that one of the benefits of flossing is that it can remove the bacteria that brushing can’t....reducing your risk of gum disease and lowering inflammation throughout your body. This also gives your immune system a little break! Fewer bacteria in your mouth means your immune system can focus on other areas of your body, allocating disease-fighting cells to parts of your body that might need it more.

After a few months of your flossing routine, let us know if you notice your body has an easier time fighting off common colds and the flu!

4: flossing can help stabilize your blood sugar

Research has connected gum disease and diabetes. On one hand, the bacteria that causes gum disease can enter your bloodstream and raise your sugar levels. On the other hand, elevated blood sugar can also increase the amount of sugar in your saliva....which can feed bad bacteria and lead to tooth decay and gum disease. It’s a vicious cycle!

While flossing can’t directly impact your blood sugar levels, it can help in the long run. By reducing bacteria in your mouth and preventing (or reversing) gum disease, flossing can indirectly help manage blood sugar levels. Once again, the benefits of flossing continue to surprise us!

5: flossing can help prevent gut issues and imbalances

As we always say, your mouth is the window to your gut (and your overall health). We’ve talked about how the bacteria in your mouth can travel far into your bloodstream, but it can also pass directly into your digestive tract! When it does so, it can lead to imbalances in your gut, allowing the bad bacteria to overpower the good. This can lead to symptoms like irregularity, gas, bloating, and beyond. It can also pave the way for conditions like SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth). SIBO indicates a severe imbalance in bacterial flora, causing loose stools and keeping your body from properly absorbing nutrients.

In addition to brushing and tongue scraping, flossing is one of the best habits to reduce the bad bacteria in your mouth and keep it from wreaking havoc on your gut. If you already experience uncomfortable gut symptoms, you may want to revisit your oral care routine and ensure you’re as diligent as possible....and reaping all the amazing benefits of flossing.

nurture your mouth with the best floss

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the dental floss options out there. Maybe you’ve tried a few that just haven’t held up, discouraging you (even more) from flossing. We know it can be so hard to find the best floss for your teeth, so we designed a floss that adapts to all different mouths.

Whether you’re new to flossing or you’ve already decided you hate it altogether, the Davids expanding dental floss is for you. Here’s why.

  • it’s adaptable: our “expanding” design is woven with 250+ threads, allowing the floss to fit into small areas and increase its surface area to scrub away plaque, bacteria, and debris without shredding (and driving you insane).
  • it’s comfortable: it wouldn’t be the best dental floss if it wasn’t coated in vegan wax and cocoa butter for an extra smooth glide! So you don’t have to jam it into your gums.
  • it’s infused with xylitol and nano-hydroxyapatite: these two hero ingredients work together to fight bad bacteria and remineralize those hard-to-reach parts of your enamel. This is important for keeping your gums healthy and delivering some of the amazing benefits of flossing we described in this article.

Not to mention, our made-to-last dispensers and floss refills allow you to reduce waste and save energy. Talk about the best dental floss! Give it a try to see if you agree. Your mouth and body will thank you.

buy now.

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