have an appetite for hydroxyapatite? get to know five popular products

have an appetite for hydroxyapatite? get to know five popular products

It’s no secret that hydroxyapatite is an out-of-this-world ingredient. Developed by NASA, tested by countless scientists, labs, and dental professionals, and taking the dental world by storm (for good reason). With so many brands launching new products formulated with this hero ingredient, things can start to feel a bit overwhelming. How do you know which products to prioritize? Which ones to use daily? Which ones to skip altogether?

With so many questions in the air, we want to take some time to discuss and compare five popular hydroxyapatite products. While we won’t be comparing brands (that would take ages), we will be comparing different types of hydroxyapatite products....toothpaste, powder, floss, you name it! We hope this breakdown helps you determine which hydroxyapatite products to add to your daily oral care ritual and which ones don’t belong in the hydroxyapatite hype.

brushing up on the various types of hydroxyapatite products

hydroxyapatite toothpaste

Brushing twice daily with hydroxyapatite toothpaste is one of the best ways to give your mouth a daily dose of remineralizing magic. With hydroxyapatite toothpaste, you can easily distribute the hydroxyapatite particles to every corner of your mouth, even focusing on specific teeth that might feel more sensitive than others. With hydroxyapatite toothpaste, you can also avoid rinsing after you brush to let the paste linger on your teeth for extended remineralization.

When it comes to hydroxyapatite toothpaste, of course, we’re biased, but you can smile brighter knowing that our third-party lab tests are not. When stacked up against other leading sensitive toothpaste (some made with hydroxyapatite and some with fluoride), our hydroxyapatite toothpaste proved to be most effective at remineralizing damaged enamel and relieving sensitivity. Check out the results below for yourself!


hydroxyapatite tooth powder

Tooth powders have gained some traction in recent years, as they are marketed as a sustainable, longer-lasting alternative to toothpaste made with fewer ingredients. While this may be true for some brands, we feel that most tooth powders can be more abrasive, less sanitary, and less user-friendly than traditional paste. Because mineral tooth powder, specifically hydroxyapatite tooth powder, is more coarse than paste (and typically contains other minerals such as sea salt), it might actually be too abrasive for your enamel. Although hydroxyapatite particles are meant to remineralize weakened areas of your enamel, the other abrasive ingredients in hydroxyapatite tooth powder might be moving things in the opposite direction.

With tooth powders (not bites) it can be difficult to get the powder in your mouth or on the brush. It’s unsanitary to dip your toothbrush into the powder, so you’d have to:

  • Shake it onto your brush, which feels a bit wasteful.
  • Scoop it onto your hand where you can then dip your brush, which sounds quite messy.
  • Scoop it straight into your mouth, which gives us flashbacks to the viral cinnamon challenge that’s famous for drying out your mouth.

No matter the method, we find hydroxyapatite tooth powder to be far less user-friendly than our trusty hydroxyapatite toothpaste.

hydroxyapatite floss

Hydroxyapatite floss is one of our favorite products to deliver n-ha to the tiniest, tightest crevices of your mouth. Without flossing, you could be leaving 30% of your tooth’s surface untouched, allowing bacteria to wreak havoc on ⅓ of your teeth! But with hydroxyapatite floss, you can feel better knowing you’re catering to 100% of your teeth, delivering fortifying minerals to those hard-to-reach places.

Davids hydroxyapatite floss is woven with over 250 strong yet soft threads, allowing the floss to expand as you use it and “grab” even more plaque and debris than other brands. It’s also infused with xylitol (your bacteria-fighting superhero) and cocoa butter, so it can gently slide between your teeth without you having to press too hard.

hydroxyapatite mouthwash

Adding hydroxyapatite mouthwash into your daily routine is an amazing way to remineralize your enamel, balance your oral pH, nourish your oral microbiome, and freshen your breath. If you still don’t feel super-fresh after your normal oral care routine, consider adding hydroxyapatite mouthwash! Below, we’ve listed some questions to ask as you shop around for one. (By the way, keep an eye out for the brand new Davids hydroxyapatite mouthwash this year, as it naturally checks all of the boxes below.)

  • Is it alcohol and SLS-free?
  • Does it contain xylitol?
  • Does it contain glycerin?
  • Does it contain “natural flavors”?
  • Is it a clear liquid, or is it a vibrant color?

To maximize the benefits of your hydroxyapatite mouthwash, pair it with brushing, flossing, and tongue scraping, and don’t rinse after use. You want those hydroxyapatite particles to linger in your mouth, so they can work their remineralizing magic!

pap teeth whitening with hydroxyapatite

PAP teeth whitening is in a separate category from all of the other products we’ve discussed, as it’s more of a cosmetic product than an oral health product. Not all PAP teeth whitening products contain hydroxyapatite....only the ones labeled as “PAP+” are fortified with hydroxyapatite.

Unlike conventional whitening products that use peroxides as the main ingredient, PAP+ products whiten without causing sensitivity. In fact, because they contain hydroxyapatite particles, they actively work to reverse sensitivity as they whiten! PAP+ products come in many forms: whitening strips, gels, mouthwashes, and even toothpastes. Because these products don’t contain (sensitivity-causing, enamel-damaging) peroxides, they’re safe to use more often than the conventional products out there. So you can achieve a bright white smile that feels good too.

the Davids difference

To sum things up, we’ve compiled a handy table to compare some of these hydroxyapatite products based on some characteristics we value as a brand.

. .
Davids n-ha toothpaste toothpaste powders Davids safe floss hydroxyapatite mouthwash PAP+ whitening
safe to use daily
easy to use


As you can see, our (current and future, stay tuned regarding mouthwash and PAP+ whitening) products check all the boxes, and we like to call that the Davids difference.

buy now.

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