how to celebrate global recycling day with a “less is more” mindset

how to celebrate global recycling day with a “less is more” mindset

The truth is, there aren’t many sustainable toothpaste options out there. But the fact that you’ve made it to this article means you’ve found one of them! And we’re so happy you have.

If the concept of Davids has piqued your interest at all, we think you’ll love the concept of minimalism. Minimalism is the idea that when you focus on consuming less “stuff” and instead prioritize the more meaningful things in life, your mood and sense of purpose can drastically improve.

As a brand built on simplicity, sustainability, and intention, we embody minimalism at our core. Why does this matter? Well, minimalism can not only have an amazing impact on your life, but it can also reduce your impact on the environment.

And with Global Recycling Day right around the corner, what better way to prepare and celebrate than to talk about all things minimalism, recycling, and sustainable toothpaste?


why we love and embrace minimalism

You can tell just by looking at a tube of our natural toothpaste....we’re passionate about minimalism.

The simple “less is more” mindset can add so much meaning to your life. Learning to live with less “stuff” and spend less time in the pursuit of “stuff” leaves so much more room to focus on the things that truly matter in life....such as health, connection, growth, self-awareness, alignment, purpose, and beyond.

In fact, minimalism is known to introduce so many benefits, some of which include:

  • more time, money, and freedom
  • more awareness about your environmental impact
  • more productivity
  • more higher-quality, durable possessions
  • more presence and mindfulness
  • more gratitude
  • less stress
  • less comparison
  • less clutter in your physical space + mind

From our short list of amazing ingredients to our clean+simple design, everything about the Davids brand embraces simplicity. Our zero waste toothpaste embodies the belief that fewer, more thoughtful ingredients can deliver a greater range of benefits, and simple, intentional design can put your mind at ease with a single glance.

At the end of the day, both of these things can also benefit Mother Earth, and that can add another layer of peace and positivity to your everyday life.


how minimalism promotes sustainability and vice versa

The human desire to consume has introduced a lot of issues for the planet. Mass production to keep up with ever-increasing consumer demands generates greenhouse gas emissions at every stage, requires mass amounts of water, encourages harmful agricultural practices, and produces absurd amounts of waste and plastic pollution.

Research published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology reveals that 60-80% of environmental pollution is a result of household consumption, and countries with the highest consumption rates have an environmental impact that’s 5.5 times higher than the global average.

The good news is that if our consumer habits are what got us into environmental trouble, they can get us out. That’s where minimalism comes in.

By training your mind to be conscious of your consumption habits, you can drastically reduce your impact on the environment. So what does conscious consumerism / minimalism look like in practice?

  • You can easily distinguish between items that you truly need vs. ones that you simply want.
  • You tend to focus on items that will last a long time, rather than ones that are just disposable and on-trend.
  • If they are unavoidable short-term items (like toothpaste), you seek sustainable toothpaste alternatives that can be recycled to avoid unnecessary waste.
  • You support innovative brands that challenge traditional polluting methods and align with your values.

When you experience how good it feels to care for the planet and practice conscious consumerism, it motivates you to continue on your minimalist journey. 


how to make the most of global recycling day

March 18th is Global Recycling Day, an initiative that encourages everyone around the world to think about the things we “throw away” and start viewing these things as opportunities to create positive change, not waste. (That’s exactly the inspiration behind our zero waste toothpaste!)

Recycling is a simple, instant practice you can implement to protect the planet’s natural resources. It’s an essential part of a circular economy (an economy that challenges that traditional “produce, consume, waste” mindset), which is our front-line defense in the fight to protect the planet.

How can you make the most of Global Recycling Day? Here are a few of our top tips.

  • spread awareness: tell all your friends and family members about the benefits of recycling. These days, there’s so much talk about whether or not it truly helps the environment, and the answer is: it does! Especially when the alternative is just to continue to send billions of tons of waste to landfills. 
  • try something new: take it a step further than recycling. If you’ve never tried composting before, make a goal to start on Global Recycling Day! Other new habits might include upcycling old clothes, repurposing old food containers, or investing in a water filter to avoid single-use cups and bottles.
  • make sustainable product swaps: an easy one is to switch from conventional toothpaste to our sustainable toothpaste! Not only are our ingredients more effective and environmentally friendly, but we also use sustainable toothpaste packaging including our recyclable toothpaste tube, FSC certified cardboard boxes, and recyclable caps.

And remember, all of these habits can extend beyond Global Recycling Day. We’re proud to provide you with the best natural toothpaste that not only encourages minimalism....but sustains nature+you.

buy now.

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