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your sensitivity superhero ingredient: how hydroxyapatite strengthens your teeth at the source

your sensitivity superhero ingredient: how hydroxyapatite strengthens your teeth at the source

Experts estimate that 1 in 8 Americans deal with tooth sensitivity, and if you’re that “1,” you know just how painful and disruptive it can be. Just the thought of swishing ice-cold water in your mouth is enough to remind you of the pain that even just one single sensitive tooth can cause.

While we could go on and on about all the ways tooth sensitivity wreaks havoc, we’re actually here to remind you that there’s a new sensitivity superhero on the block: hydroxyapatite. Sometimes referred to as nano-hydroxyapatite or n-ha, this incredible, innovative ingredient has been taking the oral care world by storm. As the non-toxic, natural alternative to fluoride, hydroxyapatite is revolutionizing the way we approach and treat sensitive teeth by fortifying minerals that already exist in your teeth to protect them against discomfort, damage, and decay.

hydroxyapatite soothes sensitivity at the source, naturally

What causes sensitivity, anyway?

Tooth sensitivity occurs when your enamel (the hard, protective outer layer of your teeth) becomes worn down and damaged. When your enamel weakens, it exposes tiny holes that contain “tubules” that lead to your tooth’s (very sensitive) center nerve. Below you’ll find an actual image of a human tooth, magnified 3,000x.

human tooth, magnified 3,000x

You can see that the enamel looks porous, leaving the tooth’s center nerve vulnerable to external stress from hot and cold foods, beverages, and air as well as sugary and acidic substances.

Unlike conventional “sensitive” toothpastes that use chemicals like potassium nitrate to numb your tooth’s nerves, our hydroxyapatite toothpaste provides effective and measurable enamel repair at the source. The nano-hydroxyapatite particles in our formula actually weave their way into these pores, remineralizing the damage from the inside out. Below, you’ll find a photo of the results of using Davids sensitive+whitening nano-hydroxyapatite premium toothpaste (from real third-party lab results by Intertek). 

Enamel Repair: results of using Davids sensitive+whitening nano-hydroxyapatite premium toothpaste

You can see that the tiny holes have been “plugged” by the nano-hydroxyapatite particles, creating a new fortified shield for your tooth’s center nerve. Now that’s real enamel repair that actually works to provide long-term tooth sensitivity relief. Our customers have reported less sensitivity within just a few days of brushing with Davids hydroxyapatite toothpaste twice daily.

As an added bonus, research reveals that hydroxyapatite also works to whiten your teeth as it remineralizes your enamel. It does so by restoring mineral density and translucency to your enamel and the layers below it, revealing a whiter smile....naturally! In the process of brightening your smile, it actually makes your teeth more resistant to harmful bacteria and acidic substances. We’ll call that a win, win in the world of natural oral care!

hydroxyapatite is non-toxic and biocompatible

You’ve heard us mention that hydroxyapatite works its magic “naturally,” but what does that actually mean?

Well, unlike its conventional counterparts (fluoride and potassium nitrate, we’re looking at you!), hydroxyapatite is non-toxic and biocompatible. This means it’s not harmful to your body’s existing living tissue. In fact, hydroxyapatite already exists in your body. It makes up roughly 97% of your enamel, 70% of your dentin, and 60% of your bone structure. No wonder it feels so “at home” when it comes to remineralizing your teeth!

When you use nano-hydroxyapatite oral care products, you don’t have to worry about swallowing too much or using them too often. For all of the parents out there who worry about their little ones swallowing too much toothpaste, using our hydroxyapatite toothpaste gives you one less thing to worry about because it's safe for kids. You’ll never find a “keep out of reach of children” warning on our toothpaste tube because there are no harmful, toxic substances to be found in our formulas. 

hydroxyapatite is good enough for astronauts

We’ve touched on the fact that hydroxyapatite already exists in your teeth and bones, but did you know that the first known applications of hydroxyapatite involved astronauts?

Back in the 70s, NASA figured out how to create hydroxyapatite supplements in a lab and gave them to American astronauts returning from low-to-no-gravity environments. These astronauts experienced mineral loss in their teeth and bones during their excursions, and hydroxyapatite worked to effectively remineralize the damage.

It worked for astronauts returning from some of the harshest living environments, so why not give it a shot at solving your everyday tooth sensitivity?

hydroxyapatite is taking the world by storm

While hydroxyapatite has been the “gold standard” for oral care in Japan (and widely used in other countries like Canada and the Netherlands) for decades, you probably haven’t seen it much on the drugstore shelves in the US over the years. This is because the ADA will only give its stamp of approval on oral care products that contain fluoride, so hydroxyapatite has been standing in the shadows.

But the tables are turning. People (like you!) are looking for more natural alternatives, and hydroxyapatite is finally making its claim to fame. Now, you’ll find mentions of hydroxyapatite all over the internet, and you’ll see hydroxyapatite oral care products on store shelves all over the US! At Davids, we’re very proud to be at the forefront of this movement towards hydroxyapatite.

something to smile about

If you’re someone who experiences sensitivity on a regular basis, natural relief from nano-hydroxyapatite is certainly something to smile about. As you can see from our third-party lab photos above, our hydroxyapatite toothpaste is extremely effective at plugging exposed tubules and repairing damaged enamel to strengthen your teeth and relieve sensitivity.

In fact, it’s so effective that the lab results revealed it actually outperformed other leading sensitive toothpaste on the market, including Apagard Premio, Boka, Colgate Sensitive, Risewell, Sensodyne Pronamel, and Tom’s Sensitive.

Not only does our hydroxyapatite toothpaste outperform these competitors, but it does so without the use of chemicals. Not to mention, our hydroxyapatite toothpaste is one of the only products packaged in a recyclable toothpaste tube. Now, that’s a sensitivity superhero worth celebrating!

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