the ultimate holistic wellness gift guide: from natural toothpaste to aromatherapy

the ultimate holistic wellness gift guide: from natural toothpaste to aromatherapy

The holiday season is upon us! To us, it’s the most wonderful time to focus on wellness.

With so many gift options out there, why not focus on the ones that nurture your holistic health, while promoting sustainability at the same time? What an amazing way to spread holiday cheer.

We’ve curated the ultimate holistic wellness gift/brand guide for you, so it’s easy to pick your favorites for everyone on your gift list....or yourself! From natural toothpaste to aromatherapy, there’s something on here for everyone.

oral care gifts

We’re starting off strong with our favorite topic: oral care! You know how we feel about a strong holistic oral care sets you up for self-care success.

  • cocofloss: this non-toxic, vegan floss is amazing for cleaning those tight crevices between your teeth that harbor stubborn bacteria. Plus, it comes in a beautiful refillable case, which is great news for your countertop and for the fight against plastic pollution.
  • Davids Natural Toothpaste: your holistic oral care routine can’t be complete without the best natural toothpaste! With six amazing flavors, including our NEW kids+adults strawberry watermelon and sensitive+whitening hydroxyapatite toothpastes, there’s a special tube of Davids for everyone on your list.
  • Davids tongue scraper: we’ve got the best tongue scraper out there! With medical-grade stainless steel and a unique one-handed design, it’ll leave your tongue feeling fresher and cleaner than ever before.

Stay tuned for a special announcement from us in the New Year about natural mouthwash, with even more amazing holistic oral care products on the horizon!

skincare + clean beauty gifts

A holistic oral care ritual pairs perfectly with clean beauty. You can find our favorite collectives below, and they have everything you need to complete your clean beauty routine. 

  • cap beauty: on a mission to create positive change from the inside out, CAP Beauty offers everything from makeup to cleansers, utilizing the healing powers of plants and nature. Be sure to check out their tea, tinctures, and supplements too!
  • credo beauty: this clean beauty brand likes to “think outside the bottle,” providing you with products that avoid 2,700 harmful ingredients. From clean makeup to deodorant to candles, it’s a one-stop shop for all things inner and outer wellness. 
  • beauty heroes: this unique collective focuses on small-batch products and places the spotlight on brands that are uplifting the world around them. From skincare to shampoo and beyond, Beauty Heroes is a perfect place to shop for the wellness guru in your life.
  • the detox market: this safe haven for clean beauty takes an individualized approach, as beauty looks different for everyone. Consider an entire Detox Box, a monthly subscription that delivers universal & exceptional wellness products to your (or your loved one’s) doorstep.

Each of these outlets has its own gift guides, so be sure to check out their lists that are organized by price, category, person, or phase (like pregnancy or postpartum).

healthy home gifts

It would be hard to cultivate holistic wellness in an unhealthy environment. Help your favorite person detox their home with natural, sustainable home cleaning products. Here are a few of our places to start.

  • grove collaborative: this one-stop-shop for holistic home wellness offers opportunities to transform your home. From cleaning solutions to straws, toilet paper, and reusable paper towels, they have everything you need to begin detoxing your home and making it the perfect sanctuary for ultimate wellness.
  • zero waste store: the zero waste store helps you take small, impactful steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle with products ranging from laundry to composting. Help your favorite people understand how small steps every day can promote positive change.

All of these brands present the perfect opportunity to shop small this holiday season! Even though these are online stores, they feature small businesses (like us!) that are so grateful to receive your support.

physical fitness + mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness gifts

When it comes to fitness + nurturing mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness, look no further than goop. It’s the ultimate wellness hub for everything, from LED light masks to wellness retreats. Here are a few interesting offerings you can find at goop.

  • workout accessories: from Bala Bangles’ ankle weights to Theragun massagers, shop an array of fitness accessories that promote both exercise and recovery. 
  • experiences: goop has a curated list of experiences that you can shop for or simply use as inspiration. From a 14-day itinerary in Peru to a spa vacation in Costa Rica, you can find nourishing wellness experiences for anyone craving a recharge.
  • aromatherapy: consider an essential oil diffuser for that person in your life that needs a little help with healing and stress relief. It’s sleek + minimalist and infuses the air with nourishing aromas that have the power to soothe, ground, and transport you.

Beauty Heroes also has a wonderful collection of spiritual support, including a Jaw Clenching Remedy essential oil blend, muscle recovery essential oils, and aura cleansing mists.

happy gifting!

To reduce overwhelm, start with a product you already know and trust: our natural toothpaste. It’s natural, effective, gender-neutral, suitable for all ages, and everyone needs it!

Davids Natural Toothpaste is the perfect crowd-pleaser for everyone on your holiday gift list.


buy now.

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