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brush right past the whitening trends: why PAP teeth whitening is the best option

brush right past the whitening trends: why PAP teeth whitening is the best option

It’s no secret that TikTok trends spread like wildfire. Faster than we can say “PAP teeth whitening,” people all over the internet are attempting to whiten their smiles with purple toothpaste and magic erasers. While these trends range from silly to dangerous, we think it’s important to dig a little deeper into them.

As a company passionate about creating safe, effective, and natural oral care products, we always want you to understand the ins and outs of the products you’re putting in your mouth! So you can feel peace and confidence using these products in your everyday oral care routine.

So in addition to busting TikTok myths, we’re also spotlighting our favorite teeth whitening method, PAP teeth whitening. This incredible, innovative whitening approach can help you achieve a bright white smile that’s as healthy as it looks! Without further ado, let’s dive into the good, the bad, and the ugly of some current teeth whitening trends.

whitening trends to brush right past

peroxide strips, gels, and pens… oh my

Well, it’s safe to say that peroxide products are more than just a trend. These whitening strips, gels, and pens have been around for a while. There’s no denying that they’re effective whitening products, but we want to make sure you’re aware of the cons that come with them.

For example, the most obvious con of peroxide-based teeth whitening is tooth demineralization and sensitivity. Peroxides work by releasing free radicals (unstable atoms) to oxidize stains. While this can help you achieve a brighter smile, it can also strip your teeth of essential minerals. These minerals are what keep your enamel strong enough to protect the (very sensitive) center nerve that exists in each of your teeth. This can cause burning, redness, itching, inflammation, sensitivity, and long-term enamel damage.

Another minor con? These methods offer instant gratification, but they’re not a long-term solution. After using these products and continuing on with your daily routine, your teeth will probably return to that darker shade. The truth is that these products aren’t ideal for regular use (the discomfort they cause speaks for itself).

LED teeth whitening kits

LED lights are often used to “enhance the effects” of peroxide whitening kits. The lights work to “activate” the hydrogen peroxide, increasing the temperature of the chemicals causing it to decompose quicker, speed up bleaching, and increase the release of free radicals. It’s thought that these free radicals are what help whiten your teeth, but these are unstable atoms that have been known to damage healthy cells and increase oxidative stress (both of which can cause inflammation).

In other words, LED lights might speed up the whitening process, but they can also exacerbate the uncomfortable side effects that come with peroxide teeth whitening.

purple toothpaste

This option might look tempting on TikTok, but it doesn’t actually do much to nurture white teeth. Purple toothpaste is exactly what it sounds like: toothpaste that’s dyed purple (with synthetic chemicals).

Because purple is across from yellow on the color wheel, it’s thought to “cancel out” yellow tones on your tooth’s surface to make them appear whiter. But once the purple dye leaves your teeth (from eating, drinking, or just producing saliva alone), your teeth will return to their original shade.

This one is another case of chemical-filled instant gratification.

magic erasers (we can’t believe it either)

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but some people on social media are using Magic Erasers (yes, the ones you use to clean your bathtub) to scrub the yellow tint off their teeth.

Experts have confirmed that Magic Erasers are not safe to use on your teeth. These household sponges are made with melamine, a nitrogen-rich compound that contains formaldehyde. Not only that, but these sponges are highly abrasive, which is why they can erase stains with the swing of a wand. It’s safe to say that the abrasiveness and chemical composition of these cleaners are not safe for your mouth, as they can irritate/damage your teeth, gums, mouth, and stomach.

PAP teeth whitening nurtures your teeth from the inside out

Now that we’ve ruled out the bad guys, let’s see how PAP teeth whitening does things the right way. Unlike all of the options mentioned above, PAP (Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid) works with nano hydroxyapatite to nourish a bright, white, and healthy smile from the inside out.

PAP whitening works with nano hydroxyapatite to penetrate your enamel, lift stains (even below the surface), and deliver a healthy dose of minerals to your teeth. Remember at the beginning of this article when we said that peroxide-based whiteners strip your teeth of essential minerals? PAP teeth whitening has the power to do the exact opposite, whitening your teeth and leaving them stronger than they were (instead of sensitive).

Not to mention, PAP whitening does not release free radicals to get the job done. This means it avoids all of the unwanted side effects of the options listed above (aka irritation, inflammation, sensitivity, and long-term enamel wear).

get back to the basics of oral care with Davids

As a holistic oral care company, we couldn’t resist an opportunity to bring you back to the basics of oral care. We firmly believe that small, daily habits (with the right products) can help you achieve your brightest, healthiest smile. Here’s a little glimpse into our favorite holistic oral care routine.

  1. Brush twice daily with Davids. As mentioned, our nano hydroxyapatite toothpaste gives your teeth a daily dose of essential minerals to keep your enamel healthy.
  2. Floss daily with our expanding dental floss. The expanding design helps to effectively grab and scrub away plaque in the crevices of your teeth. Our dental floss is also infused with vegan wax, cocoa butter, premium mint oils, and nano hydroxyapatite for a deeper and fresher clean.
  3. Scrape your tongue with our stainless steel tongue scraper. This allows you to remove the sticky film and countless bacteria that live on your tongue.
  4. Add a non-toxic mouthwash for extra freshness. We might just have the perfect one for you launching soon.
  5. Eat a mouth-friendly diet and stay hydrated to avoid dry mouth. We also encourage you to avoid acidic, sugary foods and drinks and harmful habits like drinking and smoking!

Throw in a little PAP teeth whitening into your routine for an extra bright smile (without the sensitivity). Stay tuned for an exciting new product announcement related to this!

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