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made in usa toothpaste


Not just MADE IN USA... USA ORIGIN too (big difference) - While talking to suppliers we discovered that other  toothpaste companies buy large amounts of imported ingredients (mostly China & India), mix them in their American factories, and stamp "Made in USA" on their package.  Most of the big corporate toothpaste companies are now moving their production to Mexico, India & China, using more and more foreign ingredients, and shipping it back to America to be sold under their trusted brand names (check your label).  These are the practices that are causing American jobs to disappear and weakening the economic sustainability of America.

At Davids, we take a much different approach...we do our best to use the highest amount of domestic premium ingredients that are farmed, mined, and/or processed in the USA....98% of our ingredients are USA ORIGIN (2% Japan), supporting the sustainability of the USA economy and American jobs!  We are committed to the farmers in the various USA mint growing regions that grow the mint for our flavor oils...the miners in California that mine the limestone abrasives we use....the factory workers in Maine, that produce the seaweed extract that give our toothpaste its gel consistency.  Every USA ORIGIN ingredient we use, has a direct link to American jobs.   We  are going against the trend and doing everything we can to use premium USA ORIGIN ingredients, in our effort to support American workers and American jobs.

By supporting Davids, you are directly taking a stand and voting with your dollars to support American workers and the American Economy....you are contributing to the economic sustainability of America.

Thank you for supporting Davids and being part of the sustainability solution.

Davids....the sustainability of nature+america+you