benefits of xylitol

sweet news for holistic health: the benefits of xylitol extend beyond your teeth

sweet news for holistic health: the benefits of xylitol extend beyond your teeth

Ah, here we are....another sugar substitute that’s hard to pronounce. But we’re here to assure you not to fear xylitol, as it has successfully weaved its way into the oral care world for good reason!

Not only is it scientifically confirmed to prevent (and sometimes even reverse) cavities, reduce dry mouth, and freshen your breath. But it's also known to reduce inflammation, support your immune system, and nurture healthy metabolic function throughout your entire body!

To celebrate this, we’re diving into the many benefits of xylitol. Whether it’s in your daily oral care products or your favorite nut butter, this plant-derived ingredient may work wonders for your oral and overall health. That’s why you’ll find it in all of our natural toothpaste formulas. It’s also infused in our expanding dental floss and our (soon-to-launch) natural mouthwash.

quick refresh: what is xylitol?

Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in various fruits and vegetables. When it comes to commercial products like toothpaste, xylitol is usually derived from corn cobs or birch trees. At Davids, we source our xylitol from birch trees, which is considered the best way for both you and the planet!

With so many mixed messages out there, it’s perfectly normal to wonder, “Is xylitol safe?” The answer is yes! Otherwise, we wouldn’t have it in our natural toothpaste. Science shows that long-term consumption of xylitol is safe, so you never have to worry about it in your toothpaste, mouthwash, or other oral care products. (As a side note, xylitol is not safe for dogs, so be sure to keep your toothpaste out of reach and double-check to make sure your pup’s peanut butter jar doesn’t list xylitol as an ingredient!)

Now, let's dive into how this plant-derived sweetener found its way into your natural toothpaste. Xylitol has an impressive history of stimulating saliva flow, killing bad bacteria, and providing a taste that’s sweeter than sugar. The benefits of xylitol align perfectly with a high-performing oral care product, which is exactly why we use it in all of ours.

But the benefits of xylitol don’t end there. It’s actually beneficial for your entire body, which is why you’ll find it in food products too. More on that below!

benefits of xylitol

As a little history lesson, the benefits of xylitol were largely discovered shortly after World War II. During the war, Finland used xylitol as a sugar replacement, but they reverted back to normal sugar consumption as the war ended. Once they reintroduced sugar, Finland saw tooth decay skyrocket, which inspired them to dig deeper into the benefits of xylitol. In the 70s, they realized that people who replaced sugar with xylitol were much less likely to experience tooth decay. This was the beginning of xylitol’s fame in the world of oral care!

xylitol in toothpaste and oral care

Xylitol is famous for its ability to starve the bad bacteria in your mouth (called Streptococcus mutans). But what’s more impressive is xylitol’s ability to simultaneously feed the good bacteria in your mouth as it starves the bad. Yep, that’s right. Xylitol is an incredible prebiotic that reserves all its power for good bacteria.

Xylitol is also deliciously sweet....with a refreshing cooling sensation perfect for oral care products. This helps your mouth stimulate saliva flow to relieve and prevent dry mouth, flush out bad bacteria and debris, neutralize acids, and restore your mouth to a healthy pH. This makes it the perfect ingredient for:

  • natural toothpaste
  • natural mouthwash
  • floss
  • chewing gum
  • breath mints

But that’s not the end of it; the benefits of xylitol continue to impress. This incredible ingredient has the power to reduce inflammation in your entire body, nurturing your immune system and overall health too!

xylitol in your diet

Xylitol has the unique ability to inhibit the production of cytokines, aka small proteins that trigger inflammation throughout your body. This means that xylitol can help your immune system focus on things that truly matter, like fighting pathogens!

Not to mention, xylitol tastes just as sweet (if not sweeter) than sugar, but it has half of the calories and none of the harmful side effects of sugar (which include tooth decay, inflammation, high blood pressure, blood sugar dysregulation, weight gain, and more). The small intestine absorbs xylitol much more slowly than it absorbs sugar, which is great news for metabolic function.

These are just some of the reasons why you’ll find xylitol in lots of foods, like:

  • baked goods
  • coffees
  • nut butter
  • sauces

As we mentioned before, xylitol naturally occurs in fruits and veggies such as apples, raspberries, strawberries, carrots, cauliflower, mushrooms, and more.

why Davids is the best xylitol toothpaste

We consider ours the best xylitol toothpaste because it’s specially formulated to give you the healthiest, strongest, freshest mouth possible. We’ve paired this amazing ingredient with nano-hydroxyapatite to bring you the best remineralizing dream team out there.

As the benefits of xylitol work their magic (killing bacteria and reducing inflammation), hydroxyapatite works to strengthen your enamel from the inside your teeth the healthy dose of minerals they so desperately need. Not only does this help to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis, but it also helps to nurture a bright white smile with little-to-no sensitivity. This is because xylitol and hydroxyapatite work together to eliminate sensitivity at the source by minimizing bacteria and filling microscopic holes and imperfections in your enamel. Not to mention, our other incredible ingredients (such as vegetable glycerin, premium peppermint oils, baking soda, and more) also work alongside xylitol to freshen your breath, stimulate saliva production, protect your enamel, and whiten your teeth.

As you can see, our xylitol toothpaste takes a very different (revolutionary) approach than most conventional “sensitivity toothpastes,” which simply give your mouth a dose of synthetic drugs to temporarily numb your sensitivity.

We prefer to give your mouth the care it deserves with Davids, the best xylitol toothpaste.

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