how to make your child’s brushing routine fun and effective

how to make your child’s brushing routine fun and effective

It’s important to start healthy oral care habits at an early age.

But what makes an oral care habit “healthy” anyway?

You’ll get a lot of different answers for this one. But in our humble opinion, healthy oral care habits are holistic, meaning they consider the bigger picture. They take into account how each product will affect your (and your kiddo’s) body over time. They’re conscious of the fact that your oral care products affect more than just your mouth.

In this article, we’re going to dive into different tips to make your child’s brushing routine fun and effective. But these aren’t your typical “set a timer” and “play some music” tips. These tips dive into the ways that small, intentional switching from conventional to natural toothpaste or from plastic to bamboo toothbrushes....can make a huge difference in the long term.

Especially when you start these habits young.

pick fun, safe, and effective products

Convenience store shelves are full of sparkly (literally) kid's toothpaste options, so we know that choosing the right one can be overwhelming. While many of the conventional toothpastes look tempting with their shiny hues and ADA seals, we encourage you to dig a little deeper into the ingredients label, as many of these products contain not-so-great ingredients such as the ones listed below.

  • artificial colors: dyes like “blue dye 1” are known cause allergic reactions and other harmful side effects
  • sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS): SLS is a chemical foaming agent that’s used in soaps, shampoos, and conventional toothpastes. It’s known to cause inflammation, irritation, dry mouth, and mouth sores that can lead to cavities (and more) down the road.
  • artificial flavors: in conventional toothpaste, these flavors are often not derived from plants or other natural sources

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Why take the chance on conventional toothpaste when you don’t even truly know if the ingredients are safe?

goodbye conventional toothpaste, hello Davids (plus, a new flavor)

You can rest easy knowing that Davids Natural Toothpaste doesn’t contain any of these potentially harmful ingredients.

In fact, our natural toothpaste is free of harmful chemicals, making it one of the safest natural toothpaste options out there. Our formulas contain a short list of intentional ingredients sourced and derived from nature, some of which include:

  • premium mint essential oils: we never use artificial flavors. In fact, our peppermint oils are strategically sourced in the US to ensure the highest quality and purity. Our mint oils not only provide amazing flavor, but they also work to fight bad bacteria in the mouth.
  • natural flavors: new flavor alert! Davids Strawberry+Watermelon Toothpaste is the perfect addition to your kid’s brushing routine. Please know that unlike some of the other flavor oils we use (Peppermint, Spearmint, Wintergreen), there is no direct flavor extract for watermelon or strawberries that is shelf-stable and effective, so the flavors are created using other food-grade ingredients that are made from plants. These plant-based ingredients are classified as Natural Flavors vs non-plant-based synthetic chemical ingredients that are referred to as Artificial Flavors.
  • xylitol: in place of artificial sweeteners, we use xylitol, a natural sweetener that’s derived from domestic birch trees. It’s also proven to stimulate saliva production while slowing the growth of bad bacteria in the mouth.
  • sodium cocoyl glutamate: in place of chemical foaming agents like SLS, we use this ingredient derived from coconuts. It’s purified to create a mild and gentle foaming that’s safe for your little ones’ teeth and won’t cause irritation.

All of our ingredients follow our motto “sustain nature+you.” They’re safe for both humans and the planet, so you can feel confident and comfortable leaving our natural toothpaste in the hands and mouths of your curious kid(s).

bamboo toothbrushes for the whole family

Another amazing product that sustains nature+you (and your children): the bamboo toothbrush.

Bamboo toothbrushes help to reduce the ~1 billion toothbrushes that reach US landfills every year. They are just as effective as your regular plastic toothbrush, but they’re biodegradable! Bamboo toothbrushes are also usually easier to grip than plastic toothbrushes, so they can help as your little ones begin to brush their teeth independently.

Note: Stay tuned for a special announcement. In the meantime, we’ll be working on providing you with the best bamboo toothbrush out there.

teach them techniques

Your kid’s brushing routine should look something like this.

  1. Grab your bamboo toothbrush and natural kids toothpaste. We recommend our NEW strawberry watermelon flavor for kids + adults.
  2. Add an appropriate amount of toothpaste. But feel comfortable knowing your little one can safely swallow our natural toothpaste.
  3. Hold the bamboo toothbrush at a 45-ish degree angle. It should be more or less facing the gums.
  4. Gently move the toothbrush back and forth on each tooth using small strokes. These strokes don’t have to be big and aggressive, just enough to polish each tooth on the front, back, and top (chewing surface).
  5. Brush the tongue to remove more bacteria. This part is extremely important, as the tongue’s soft, porous surface is a breeding ground for bacteria. If your child is old enough and comfortable, have them use a tongue scraper.
  6. Teach them to floss. Flossing should start at the point when your child’s teeth begin to touch. Ensure you teach them the importance of flossing (brushing only cleans ~40% of the tooth’s surface, and flossing does the rest). Be sure to show them how to “hug” their tooth with the floss, making a c-shape around the tooth to clean the whole inner surface. We recommend CocoFloss since their floss is natural, non-toxic, uniquely textured, and infused with coconut oil. Plus, their flavors, colors, and packaging are sweet and fun!

We encourage you to stick with these techniques, but also want you to remember to give yourself some grace. If your child’s oral care routine gets interrupted by vacations, sleepovers, hard nights, or anything else.... just pick the healthy oral care habits back up the next day!

be an example

We’re sure you’ve heard tips about fun ways to teach brushing teeth (reading stories, playing music, using a timer, rewarding good oral care habits), but nothing can replace leading by example.

When your little one sees you getting excited about your oral care routine, they’ll be more inclined to feel the same excitement. After all, who wouldn’t be excited about brushing with a premium natural toothpaste that leaves you feeling fresher than ever?

In all seriousness, remember that even as adults, it can be hard to find the motivation to do your lengthy oral care routine twice every day. So cut your kids (and yourself) a little slack if their brushing routine isn’t always perfect.

Oh, and if you or your kids haven't experienced our new mouthwatering strawberry + watermelon toothpaste for both kids + adults, then order today!


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