why use a tongue scraper? 5 little known facts about its benefits

why use a tongue scraper? 5 little known facts about its benefits

Tongue scrapers have been taking the oral care world by storm.

In light of their (well deserved) popularity, we’re discussing some of the little-known facts about them to reaffirm that the benefits of tongue scrapers extend far beyond the obvious squeaky clean tongue.

1: tongue scraping has been around for centuries

You may have just recently learned about tongue scraping, but did you know that it dates back to ancient times? Tongue scraping is part of the daily ritual of Ayurveda, one of the oldest holistic healing practices in the world. It originated in India over 3,000 years ago, and many of its practices are still used worldwide today.

Over the centuries, tongue scrapers have been made of metal (even sterling silver), wood, mother-of-pearl, whalebone, tortoiseshell, and more. Its popularity throughout the years reaffirms it’s an effective practice that has been loved and passed down by many.

2: tongue scraping can reduce your body’s toxic load

Ayurveda upholds the idea that your tongue is directly connected to several of your vital organs such as the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, stomach, and spleen. When you use a tongue scraper, you’re directly removing bacteria and toxins from your tongue while massaging and stimulating the tissue. As a result, this removes toxins and massages/stimulates the organs associated with the tongue, reducing your body’s overall toxic load and restoring internal balance.

3: tongue scraping can improve your digestion and gut health

Your oral microbiome and gut microbiome are very closely connected. To learn more about this, we recommend going back and reading the articles listed below.

Now, back to tongue scraping. Cleaning your tongue is a critical part of maintaining a healthy bacterial balance in your oral microbiome. Tongue scraping allows you to tame the number of bad bacteria in your mouth while allowing good bacteria to flourish. This is important to note because other oral care products (such as alcohol mouthwash) can completely wipe out all of the good and bad bacteria in your mouth. We don’t want that!

In short, tongue scraping allows you to maintain bacterial balance in your mouth, which can work wonders for the delicate bacterial balance in your gut. This makes for better digestion and overall health.

4: it’s important to use a tongue scraper first thing in the morning

On the subject of bacterial balance in your oral microbiome....did you know it’s important to thoroughly clean your mouth first thing in the morning?

When you’re sleeping, your mouth reduces its saliva production. You’re also not eating and drinking throughout the night, so your mouth isn’t getting “flushed” as often as it is throughout the day. This gives bacteria the perfect opportunity to grow and multiply overnight.

If you were to take a big gulp of water or bite of food first thing in the morning, you’d be swallowing many of these bacteria. Instead, we recommend thoroughly cleaning your mouth first thing. This includes:

  • rinsing with water to add some moisture back into your mouth
  • brushing with Davids, as our intentional ingredients like peppermint oils, xylitol, baking soda, silica, vegetable glycerin, and more work to moisturize your mouth, break down plaque, reduce bacteria, whiten and polish your teeth, and freshen your breath
  • tongue scraping right after brushing with Davids to remove stubborn bacteria from the cushy, grooved surface of your tongue that can so easily hang onto pathogens

If you’re not already tongue scraping in the morning, give it a try. Trust us when we say you’ll notice a difference in freshness right away.

5: the specific design and material can enhance the benefits of a tongue scraper

Tongue scrapers come in many different shapes and materials.

In terms of shape, you’ll typically only find single-hand and double-hand (arch-shaped) tongue scrapers. But in terms of material, you’ll find metal tongue scrapers made from copper and stainless steel, and you’ll even find some tongue scrapers made with plastic and bristles.

So, which one makes for the best tongue scraper?

In terms of shape, we prefer single-handed tongue scrapers like the tongue sweeper model P. It was designed by a dentist, and it’s the only tongue scraper used by leading dental schools. It’s easy to grip and maneuver, allowing you to reach the entire surface of your tongue....and reduce the chances of triggering your gag reflex as you scrape. 

You’ll notice that this model has a stainless steel head, which is our personal favorite material. Of course, we prefer metal tongue scrapers over plastic, as they’re dishwasher safe and infinitely reusable….and we’re not the type to contribute to plastic pollution. We also prefer stainless steel over copper, as copper can sometimes bend out of shape easily or develop sharp edges. 

stay tuned

While we’re on the topic of tongue scrapers, we figured we’d remind you that a new Davids product launch is around the corner. Hint: it cleans your tongue, it’s stainless steel, and it has a one-handed grip design.

In the meantime, we recommend stocking up on the best natural toothpaste, so you can pair your tongue scraping with intentional ingredients that prioritize your holistic health.

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