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how to prevent common oral health problems with Davids natural oral care

how to prevent common oral health problems with Davids natural oral care

June is National Oral Health Awareness Month, and we’re celebrating by chatting about all the glory and glamor of common oral health problems.

In all seriousness, you might be surprised to find out that these oral complications affect a huge portion of the American population. So if you’ve experienced any (or all) of these, just know you’re not alone. This month, we’re spotlighting these issues and sharing how the Davids lineup of premium natural oral care products can help you prevent and treat them.

Every product we create has been meticulously crafted with your oral (and overall) health in mind, and that’s worth celebrating throughout National Oral Health Awareness Month!

1: tooth decay, affects about 90%

We’re starting strong with tooth decay, an oral health problem that impacts almost all of the adult population in America. In short, tooth decay is the process that leads to a cavity. It occurs when the bad bacteria in your mouth “take over,” producing acids that wear down your enamel.

As your enamel wears down, your teeth can form cracks, holes, and imperfections, and these imperfections can expose the most vulnerable inner layers of your teeth. This can lead to sensitivity, infection, and permanent damage (aka cavities). Did you know

  • About 90% of adults 20+ years old have at least one cavity.
  • Nearly 60% of adolescents ages 12-19 have a cavity.
  • Over 50% of children ages 6-8 have a cavity in their baby teeth.
  • 26% of adults in the US currently have untreated tooth decay.

While this all seems daunting, we want to remind you that tooth decay is preventable and treatable! We always recommend consulting your dentist (especially if you haven’t done so in over 6 months), as your dentist will be able to remove tartar (hardened plaque/bacteria), identify stages of tooth decay, and give you a treatment plan.

But when considering day-to-day ways to prevent tooth decay, you might be surprised how effective our natural oral care lineup is. The intentional ingredients in our natural toothpaste and expanding toothpaste work together to break down plaque, fight bad bacteria, neutralize acids (to restore your mouth to a healthy pH), and remineralize your enamel to strengthen it against decay. Our remineralizing hero, nano-hydroxyapatite, has been proven to fill holes and imperfections in your enamel by binding to the existing hydroxyapatite particles in your teeth and fortifying them from the inside out. Pretty cool, right?

2: gum disease, affects more than 47%

Gum disease affects nearly half of the adult population in the US! It occurs when bacteria and plaque infect your gums. With symptoms like redness, inflammation, stinging, bleeding, bad breath, gum recession, and beyond....gum disease is nearly impossible to ignore.

The thing with gum disease is (just like tooth decay) it’s a progressive disease. It’s key to do everything you can to prevent it and stop it in its tracks. You can do so by staying up-to-date with your dentist visits and practicing healthy and consistent natural oral care.

The xylitol, vegetable glycerin, peppermint oils, and ultra-fine abrasives in our natural toothpaste work to break down plaque and reduce dry mouth to fight bad bacteria and neutralize acids that might otherwise accumulate and contribute to gum disease. Our expanding floss, which is also infused with xylitol, works to accomplish the same feats in the smallest crevices between your teeth!

3: tooth sensitivity, affects more than 12%

Roughly 1 in 8 Americans deal with tooth sensitivity, which often feels like a shocking pain when any cold, hot, or hard substance touches your tooth. Tooth sensitivity occurs when the tiny “tubes” in your teeth (that lead to your tooth’s sensitive center nerve) become exposed. This can happen when your enamel wears down or your gums recede to expose those pathways.

While many people associate sensitivity with tooth decay, the two are not always related. It’s true that tooth sensitivity can indicate the early stages of tooth decay, and tooth decay can also be the root of your sensitivity. But each of these issues can exist without the other!

In other words, tooth sensitivity does not always indicate tooth decay, and tooth decay doesn’t always cause sensitivity. It’s easy to confuse the two symptoms, but you can think of sensitivity as a shooting pain that shoots in and fades out, while tooth decay is more of a dull ache that persists.

But just like tooth decay, practicing natural oral care with nano-hydroxyapatite can be a game changer. Many people who brush with our sensitive+whitening nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste twice daily report tooth sensitivity relief within just a few days!

4: dry mouth, affects more than 20%

About 22% of the general population deals with dry mouth, a condition when your mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva. It’s more common for people with certain conditions such as diabetes, cancer, sleep apnea, and autoimmune disease as well as those who drink alcohol, use tobacco, and take certain medications.

It’s important to note that dry mouth isn’t just a dry mouth, it’s a condition that can allow bad bacteria to flourish in your mouth, leading to an increased risk of tooth decay, bad breath, microbiome imbalances, and other oral health complications.

The glycerin, xylitol, and mint oils in our natural oral care products all work together to stimulate saliva flow to moisten your mouth and flush out bad bacteria. These ingredients can help to provide you with short-term and long-term relief for dry mouth.

5: teeth grinding, affects up to 30%

Teeth grinding, formally known as bruxism, affects up to 30% of people in the US. It’s often a subconscious habit associated with stress, anxiety, tension, acid reflux, sleep apnea, mouth breathing, and poor oral health habits.

When it comes to natural oral care for teeth grinding, we recommend working with a dentist, primary care doctor, or psychologist to identify the root cause of your grinding (as mentioned above, there are a lot of causes). But to treat the symptoms, consider wearing a mouthguard at night, practicing stress management, and/or using techniques to avoid mouth breathing.

Because teeth grinding can wear down your enamel and gums over time, it’s important to treat your mouth daily with natural oral care. Daily use of hydroxyapatite can help reverse the damage from grinding by remineralizing your enamel with essential minerals (calcium phosphate).

Davids premium natural oral care

Celebrate National Oral Health Awareness Month with natural oral care that truly cares for you! Our natural toothpaste, expanding floss, stainless steel tongue scraper, and bamboo toothbrush are all crafted with thoughtful, innovative ingredients (or designs) for a healthy mouth + healthy you. Not to mention, we have some amazing new natural oral care products in the works!

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