family owned + operated | handcrafted, natural toothpaste

family owned + operated | handcrafted, natural toothpaste

As you may know, Davids started as a passion project (thanks to our founder, Eric) and quickly turned into a 4-year obsession to create the best natural toothpaste out there. With that being said...the Davids story, mission, and operations...are all very personal, which is something you won’t find in many toothpaste brands.

To us, “Family Owned+Operated” is not a marketing ploy. It’s a commitment...and one that we’re both proud and happy to uphold.

Especially in a society that’s constantly trending towards automation, artificial intelligence, cutting costs, and speeding things up...we’re proud that our manufacturing processes have remained simple, grounded, and powered by humans.


why does it matter?

While machines have opened a whole new world of opportunity for consumer goods, we’ve found that keeping things simple and human-powered inspires us to minimize our environmental footprint and promote conscious consumption every day. It also reminds us to slow down and remember how Davids started. 

In the first few years of Davids, Eric made it a point to add his personal touch (literally and figuratively) to every tube of toothpaste. Specifically in the first three years, Eric hand-mixed, hand-filled, and hand-packaged our natural toothpaste himself.

With the help of family members and close friends, Davids was solely operated by a very close-knit team, and we’re proud to say that this still holds true today. Although Davids has grown since these first few years, production remains in the realm of family+friends.

Eric remains deeply intertwined with the everyday processes. His wife, children, and mother-in-law are all part of the operation. Davids’ director of operations is a close family friend.

As you can see, we take Family Owned+Operated very seriously!

This minimal, family-oriented mindset not only keeps our operations human-powered and close-knit, but it also keeps us honest in supporting both the American economy and overall sustainability.

This is especially unique in the world of toothpaste...specifically natural toothpaste. Davids is the only natural toothpaste company out there that is not a multinational corporation. On Eric’s four-year quest to make the best natural toothpaste, he talked to many suppliers in the industry and discovered that most of the big-name companies (and some smaller) use a lot of foreign-sourced ingredients. However, they claim to be “Made in the USA” because they import ingredients here.

But our strong desire to keep things rooted+close-knit pushed us to challenge this norm. That’s why 98% of our ingredients are USA-sourced, and our toothpaste is produced in the USA. By limiting our imports and focusing on farming, mining, processing, and producing in our backyard.

We keep things domestic and local. We have close relationships with our suppliers. We use sustainably-sourced ingredients we can trust. We sustain US jobs. We reduce our environmental footprint. We can honestly say we work every day to support nature+america+you.


looking for a handcrafted, natural toothpaste?

At this point, you might be thinking, “Well, why don’t I just make my own natural, eco-friendly toothpaste with my family?” We fully support that! Seriously, let us know how it goes. But just so you know, Davids is probably the closest you can get to homemade toothpaste. Just subtract having to do all the work yourself...and add in four+ years of research, expert knowledge, innovation, USA jobs, and a whole lot of love.



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