fact or fiction? things you should know about natural teeth whitening

fact or fiction? things you should know about natural teeth whitening


After years of chemical bleaching dominating the teeth-whitening world, natural teeth whitening is finally starting to get the fame it deserves. And we love to see it!

While chemical peels may still be popular in the world of skincare, their oral care counterparts are being questioned. Are chemical formulas the secret to pearly whites? At what cost? Is it worth it?

While we love this curious dialogue, we also know that the color of your teeth plays a huge role in your confidence! And the reality is, some of the best things in life (like coffee, citrus, and growing older to name a few) can come with a lot of tooth stains and discoloration. So naturally, we know you’re thinking....there has to be a better way to achieve that sparkling smile!

We know you’re interested in natural alternatives, or you wouldn’t be here! So, let’s dive into the details of natural teeth whitening.


what is natural teeth whitening?

Natural teeth whitening is the process of removing surface stains from your enamel (the precious outer shell of your teeth) with natural ingredients. This process avoids traditional chemical bleaching solutions (like hydrogen peroxide) that are found in a lot of over-the-counter products and at the dentist’s office.

Why go natural? Besides the fact that chemical whitening products can cause pain and sensitivity, some people simply don’t want to put chemicals in their mouths! (Trust us, we get it. Our founder embarked on a four-year journey to develop the very best natural toothpaste possible, remember?) Not only can you end up swallowing the chemicals, but they also disrupt the delicate balance of your oral microbiome, and the soft tissues in your mouth (your tongue, gums, and oral mucosa) end up absorbing them.


natural teeth whitening: fact or fiction?

Let’s settle some rumors about methods and ingredients in the natural teeth whitening world.

hydrogen peroxide

Let’s get one thing straight, hydrogen peroxide is not a natural ingredient. It’s a manufactured chemical that’s well known for its bleaching capabilities, so it’s found in many household items in low concentrations....like whitening mouthwashes, toothpastes, and gels, as well as surface cleaners! Because of its fame in the teeth whitening world, we wanted to clarify a few things about it.

Fiction: hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening is definitely effective and safe when used infrequently in low concentrations. There’s a reason these products (no matter how infrequently you use them) commonly deliver chemical burns to your oral mucosa (the soft parts of your mouth)!

Fact: hydrogen peroxide has proven effective in whitening a wide range of things....from paper to teeth. However, research shows that hydrogen peroxide can damage the protein in your dentin (the layer right under your enamel). Specifically, it can chip away at the collagen beneath your enamel.


apple cider vinegar

Fiction: apple cider vinegar is the holy grail of the natural health world, so it must be great for oral health. Because it’s acidic and contains natural enzymes, it can break down bacteria and clean up surface stains on your teeth.

Fact: prolonged contact with an acidic substance like apple cider vinegar can actually damage your enamel and cause erosion. This can actually cause your teeth to look even more discolored! Acidic substances might be safe for a short amount of time (like the time it takes to eat a meal), but we don’t recommend using them for natural teeth whitening.


natural abrasives

Fiction: all abrasive ingredients (like baking soda, hydrated silica, and activated charcoal) are created equal, and they act as a gentle exfoliant for your teeth to polish+brighten your smile.

Fact: the quality and particle size of the abrasive ingredient play massive roles in its safety and efficacy. If the abrasive ingredient is low-quality with large particles, it can actually damage your enamel and leave your smile looking even more off-white. Davids uses only the highest quality, USA-made abrasives. The particles are ultra-fine and microscopic, so they safely and effectively remove surface stains and polish your enamel. Also, Davids uses a safe concentration of activated charcoal, which is why our charcoal paste is a healthy grey color instead of black!


how to whiten teeth naturally

While we understand the desire to figure out how to whiten teeth instantly, we prefer the long game when it comes to natural teeth whitening....and oral care in general! Stacking healthy habits is your best bet for a shiny white smile. For example:

    • Avoid notorious stainers like tobacco, wine, and citrus fruits+juices.
    • Protect your enamel with fortifying ingredients like hydroxyapatite found in our sensitive+whitening formulaIt has the unique ability to bind to your enamel and rebuild weak areas, so your (yellow) dentin stays covered and protected, and you can avoid any additional tooth discoloration. 
    • Don’t underestimate the power of proper brushing and flossing. Plaque buildup plays a part in tooth discoloration (and enamel damage that can lead to more discoloration), so it’s essential to brush and floss regularly to break up and remove plaque on the surface of your teeth.
    • Use a natural whitening toothpaste with premium ingredients. We know exactly where to find it...

When you use Davids, you can smile wide knowing that our natural whitening toothpaste is full of intentional, effective, and safe whitening ingredients like baking soda, ultra-fine hydrated silica, charcoal, and sodium cocoyl glutamate. Try it for yourself to see why it’s the best natural toothpaste for everyday whitening!

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