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shine bright this spring with natural teeth whitening that soothes your smile, too

shine bright this spring with natural teeth whitening that soothes your smile, too

Spring is right around the corner, and we want to help you shine as bright as the blossoming world around you! You know we share a deep love for nature, so of course, we prefer to take the natural teeth whitening approach.

Natural teeth whitening allows us to avoid the harmful, questionable ingredients you’ll find in most conventional whitening products....while still delivering the same (if not better) bright white results! It does so by nurturing your teeth, gums, and entire oral microbiome, so you can say goodbye to sensitivity and discomfort in the process.

how natural teeth whitening outperforms conventional products

Unlike natural teeth whitening, conventional whitening products typically all have one thing in common: hydrogen peroxide. This oxidizing agent is famous for its fast, effective whitening powers, and there’s no denying the results. But at Davids, we’re constantly questioning the norm, searching for the best oral care solutions, and prioritizing holistic health along the way.

So, yes, hydrogen peroxide works for whitening, but is it the best solution? Well, if it comes at the expense of your oral health (or daily comfort), we think the answer is no. How does hydrogen peroxide sacrifice your oral health/comfort, exactly?

  • it can damage your enamel and tissue: research reveals that hydrogen peroxide can cause “dental sensitivity, cytotoxicity [cell damage], genotoxicity [DNA damage], pulp damage, and gingival irritations, amongst others.” This is because it can wear down your enamel and cause inflammation within your soft tissue as well as the inner layers of your teeth. (This is not the case with natural teeth whitening, which we’ll discuss in a bit.)
  • it releases harmful free radicals: hydrogen peroxide causes the damage listed above because it releases free radicals (harmful, unstable atoms) as it works. These atoms are known to cause oxidative stress in your body (through the damage outlined in the previous bullet) which is actually linked to other health complications down the line.
  • it often results in stinging, sensitivity, and overall irritation: the damage outlined above might show up as painful sensitivity, stinging, itching, and sores inside your oral microbiome. Is hydrogen peroxide whitening worth it?

This is why over-the-counter hydrogen peroxide products are either banned or heavily restricted in regions such as the EU, Japan, and Canada. While they’re still widely available in the US, they are not regulated. So it’s important to do your own research to determine if using hydrogen peroxide products is worth it for you. Personally, we strongly prefer natural teeth whitening!

natural teeth whitening remedies

Just like peroxide-based whitening methods, there are so many different natural teeth whitening remedies out there. From daily toothpastes and mouth rinses to PAP teeth whitening gels and strips, you have so many options in the (safer) world of natural teeth whitening.

our natural toothpaste

All of our natural toothpastes are the perfect entry point into the natural teeth whitening world! They’re formulated to nurture a white smile that feels as good as it looks. Our premium micro-abrasives and baking soda gently “exfoliate” your teeth to remove plaque and surface stains, while neutralizing your mouth’s pH for fresh breath.

Our sodium cocoyl glutamate is our natural alternative to the chemical foaming agent, SLS. It’s derived from coconut material, and it gives our natural toothpaste a gentle foam, distributing the other ingredients to help with the cleaning and whitening process.

To sum things up, you can smile wide knowing every single one of our toothpastes works to give you a safe, nourishing daily dose of natural teeth whitening.

pap teeth whitening

PAP teeth whitening is stealing the spotlight these days, and for good reason! PAP is a synthetic organic acid that promotes bleaching in a milder manner than peroxides, so it doesn’t cause any of the harsh side effects! It doesn’t release any free radicals as it works, so it doesn’t cause as much (if any) inflammation in your mouth and body. (Note: stay tuned for exciting PAP product announcements from us this year!)

There are so many different forms of PAP teeth whitening. You can find it in gels, strips, toothpaste, mouthwash....you name it! One of the coolest things about PAP teeth whitening is that it comes in a “PAP+” option that incorporates hydroxyapatite, your sensitivity superhero! Let’s explore this incredible ingredient a little more, and how you can add hydroxyapatite whitening into your daily routine.

hydroxyapatite whitening

We know, hydroxyapatite is a mouthful, and it begins with “hydro” just like hydrogen peroxide. It can get a little confusing over here in the oral care world. But we’re here to clear up the confusion and reassure you that hydroxyapatite is one of the best whitening ingredients you can add to your daily routine. (Actually, it’s one of the best oral care ingredients in general.)

It’s a natural alternative to fluoride that works to remineralize your teeth from the inside out, repairing any damage done to your enamel. That’s right, it can actually reverse the damage that hydrogen peroxide causes! And it can do so while still whitening your teeth.

This is because hydroxyapatite already exists in your teeth and bones, making up roughly 97% of your enamel and 80% of your dentin. That’s even more proof that hydroxyapatite is non-toxic and safe for your body, unlike many of the conventional ingredients out there. When you add hydroxyapatite whitening into your daily routine, you give your mouth a healthy dose of the minerals it needs (kinda like a super-vitamin).

On top of this, research shows that hydroxyapatite can also whiten as it remineralizes. Not only that, but hydroxyapatite whitening has long-lasting effects. It actually helps your teeth form a new, healthy white layer on your tooth’s surface by filling in tiny holes and imperfections. The result is a bright white smile that’s way less sensitive, too!

Hydroxyapatite whitening comes in many forms too, from toothpaste to mouthwash. We’ve got the best hydroxyapatite toothpaste out there, as it outperformed several leading sensitive toothpaste brands in our third-party lab tests. Not to mention, we’re working hard to create even more out-of-this-world hydroxyapatite whitening products for you!

make Davids your go-to for natural teeth whitening

With our classic formulas, our hydroxyapatite toothpaste, and so many more natural teeth whitening products on the way, make Davids your go-to for all things whitening.

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