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our top five tips for nurturing your mouth-gut connection as a vegan

our top five tips for nurturing your mouth-gut connection as a vegan

At Davids, we’re focused on a holistic approach to health, one that considers each of your body’s systems and how they relate to each other. Unlike conventional oral care brands, we do not view the mouth as a standalone system that should be treated in a way that disregards the rest of your body. That’s why we’ve developed natural, vegan toothpaste that not only nourishes your oral health but also promotes full body health.

We acknowledge that, as a vegan, it can feel hard to create a routine that checks all the boxes. There are so many mixed messages out there about what foods and products to prioritize, how important protein actually is, and so on.

To clear up some confusion, we’re sharing our top five tips for cultivating a vegan self-care routine that really considers your gut and oral health. Of course, our vegan toothpaste is one of the crucial pieces!

1: understand the symbiotic connection

Your gut health and oral health are very closely intertwined. After all, your mouth is the window to your gut; it’s the place where digestion starts! Your gut also impacts countless systems in your body...from your heart health to your mental health.

When you begin to view these areas of your body as interconnected systems, it becomes easier and more intuitive for you to nurture them as a whole. You start to realize that the products you use in your mouth can affect your gut, and the food you feed your gut can have far-reaching impacts on your oral and overall health. This realization is key to optimizing your health from a holistic perspective.

2: focus on whole, nutrient-dense foods

We’ve said this before, but one of the easiest ways to nurture your oral and gut health at the same time is to prioritize whole foods over processed foods. With the rise of faux meats, it can be tempting to rely on processed foods to meet your protein and calorie intake as a vegan, but we want to encourage you to see through the promise of processed foods.

Not only can they disrupt the balance of good and bad bacteria in your mouth and gut, but they can also cause serious, long-term issues if consumed consistently. Research shows that processed vegan foods can increase the risk of heart disease, boating, weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, and beyond.

On the flip side, the same research also reveals that a whole food plant-based diet (full of a variety of fruits, vegetables, cooked foods, raw foods, and vibrant colors) has the power to drastically  reduce the risk of many diseases including heart disease! Did you know that specific foods such as mint, strawberries, carrots, apples, leafy greens, and nuts+seeds have the power to reduce bad bacteria in your mouth+gut, provide antioxidants, exfoliate your teeth, and deliver essential vitamins and nutrients? You can learn more about these awesome foods in our previous article here.

To put it simply, your daily diet has the power to beautifully nourish or greatly disrupt your holistic health. Choose wisely!

3: eat balanced meals with protein + probiotics

The good news is that whole, plant-based foods are often naturally rich in probiotics! Because other probiotic-rich foods such as yogurt are off limits, it’s important to focus on gut-boosting foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, fermented beets, and more to nourish your gut lining and strike a healthy bacterial balance in your mouth and gut.

It’s also extremely important to be conscious of your protein intake, as fruits and vegetables tend to be more carb-heavy (which can feed the bad bacteria in your mouth and gut and lead to long-term demineralization in your teeth). Your skin, muscles, organs, tissues, and beyond all need adequate protein to function properly. Studies show low protein intake may be associated with gut microbiota imbalance, metabolic dysfunction, decreased muscle mass, compromised immune function, and more.

We recommend prioritizing the “thirds” approach to building your meals throughout the day: ⅓ vegetables, ⅓ complex carbs, and ⅓ lean protein such as legumes.

4: use the best vegan toothpaste

When our founder, Eric, was formulating our vegan toothpaste, he was shocked to find out how many people had no idea that most conventional toothpastes contain animal byproducts. Glycerin is a popular one, and it’s often derived from animal fat. This thick liquid gives toothpastes, soaps, and lotions “body” and moisture due to its gooey nature.

But our vegan toothpaste uses vegetable glycerin for the same thick, moistening effect. Our vegetable glycerin enhances the fresh flavor of our premium mint essential oils, and it also keeps our paste from separating in the tube.

In addition to only using the highest quality plant-based ingredients, our vegan toothpaste is also Leaping Bunny Certified. Currently, Leaping Bunny is the only globally recognized symbol to certify the product is cruelty-free, has not undergone any animal testing throughout the supply chain, and contains no animal byproducts. Using our cruelty free toothpaste every morning and night is one easy way to care for your oral health, gut health, and overall health while sticking to your vegan values.

5: hone in on hydroxyapatite

Research has indicated that a vegan diet may predispose you to demineralization, making your teeth more vulnerable to sensitivity and decay. One of the best ways to remineralize your teeth in a holistic, vegan way is to introduce hydroxyapatite toothpaste into your daily routine.

Our hydroxyapatite toothpaste contains microscopic nano-hydroxyapatite particles that penetrate your tooth’s enamel to remineralize it from the inside out. Hydroxyapatite naturally makes up 90% of your enamel, so replenishing this mineral through your daily oral care routine is an amazing way to care for your oral and overall health.

It’s important to note here that, in addition to hydroxyapatite, every single one of the ingredients in our vegan toothpaste is intentional. They are all there to do a job....whether it’s reducing bad bacteria, enhancing your saliva production, or polishing the surface of your teeth. Our formulas never contain artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives, or harsh chemicals....and this standard makes our vegan toothpaste the best choice for your holistic health.

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