what are the benefits of charcoal toothpaste, and is it safe for your teeth?

what are the benefits of charcoal toothpaste, and is it safe for your teeth?

Charcoal made its claim to fame in the self-care industry in the last few years. From seeing people relaxing with charcoal face masks to smiling with dark charcoal toothpaste covering their teeth....charcoal has the ability to easily grab people’s attention.

So you may have wondered before....what’s the hype? Is it effective? Is it safe for my teeth, or should we just stick to using charcoal for firing up the grill?

Well, you probably already know that we wouldn’t offer charcoal toothpaste if it wasn’t both effective and safe, but it’s important to know that not all charcoal toothpastes are created equal!

So let’s take a look at why Davids is the best charcoal toothpaste option out there.


what is charcoal toothpaste?

Charcoal toothpaste is toothpaste with activated charcoal, a form of carbon that’s heated to create “pores” that absorb harmful substances. It can be made from a number of organic substances including hardwood, moss, bamboo, coconut shells, olive pits, and more.  

Activated charcoal is famous in the medical world for its role in saving people from poison and overdosing...with its amazing ability to detoxify the body from chemicals. In the dental world, it’s known for its ability to effectively remove surface stains and freshen your breath.


what are the benefits of charcoal toothpaste?

The primary benefit of charcoal toothpaste is its ability to remove surface stains and whiten your teeth. Because of its porous nature, activated charcoal is highly absorbent. If you’ve ever opened up your Brita or Pur water filter, you’ve probably noticed the fine black particles that sometimes escape from the filter into your water. These black grains are charcoal, absorbing and filtering odors and impurities that pass through.

In other words, it acts kinda like a “magnet” for odors, bacteria, viruses, surface stains, and other tiny particles in your mouth. So on top of removing surface stains from your enamel,  other charcoal toothpaste benefits include absorbing odor in your mouth and leaving you with sparkling teeth and fresh breath.


is charcoal toothpaste safe?

The short answer is: not always. Unfortunately, some charcoal toothpastes can damage the enamel of your teeth, so it’s critical to choose your charcoal toothpaste carefully.

First, you’ll want to make sure the toothpaste brand comments on the grade, particle size, and source of the charcoal they use. If your charcoal toothpaste feels gritty on your teeth, this is a sign of low-grade charcoal. You’ll want to stay away from that!

Low-grade charcoal has a large particle size (aka, high abrasiveness), which can scratch or “wear down “ your enamel, kinda like sandpaper. While this will obviously rid your teeth of surface stains, it’ll damage your enamel...which we never want. In terms of the source of the charcoal...charcoal toothpastes made from hardwoods tend to be denser, and the higher density of the charcoal can make it more likely to scratch and harm your enamel.

Also, you’ll notice that a lot of charcoal toothpaste products on the market are dark black. While this makes for a funny selfie, this often indicates that there’s too much charcoal in the product...another warning for your enamel. 

Remember, healthy teeth depends on strong enamel. This hard outer surface of your teeth is essential in protecting the sensitive nerves in your tooth’s center...protecting you from sensitivity and other complications that come with tooth decay (trust us, there are a lot).

So is charcoal toothpaste safe? Absolutely not if it’s full of low-grade, high-density, and overall too much charcoal! That being said, charcoal toothpaste can be safe if formulated correctly, and you can rely on Davids Natural Toothpaste for that.


what makes Davids the best charcoal toothpaste?

To help you avoid that gritty feeling in your mouth, Davids uses high-grade charcoal that undergoes extensive grinding processes. This extra grinding further reduces the particle size, so that the resulting charcoal that goes into our toothpaste is a micro-abrasive. Instead of feeling gritty, our activated charcoal feels buttery and soft....like baby powder.

Because of the ultra-fine particle size, our charcoal produces a unique and gentle polishing effect, so surface stains are lifted from your enamel without scratching or harming it in the process. Think of it like a gentle exfoliation for your teeth, rather than a rough sandpaper-scratch.

Also, Davids charcoal toothpaste is dark gray instead of dark black. This is because we use less charcoal....an amount that’s safe for everyday toothpaste use. Of course, we expect you to be able to use your toothpaste every single day without worry, which is why we only use a safe amount of charcoal...more isn’t always better!

The activated charcoal used in Davids is made from coconut shells, making it softer and safer than other toothpastes that use charcoal from sources like hardwood. Davids charcoal is USP-grade (pharmaceutical-grade) meaning it’s pure and safe for everyday use.

As you can see, not all charcoal toothpastes are created equal. We’re proud that Davids is one of the safest options out there...through thoughtful sourcing, ultra-fine processing, and careful formulation, you can rest easy knowing Davids charcoal toothpaste is safe for everyday use...

And will leave your teeth feeling shiny and fresh and your enamel feeling strong and fortified!

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