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why are we so passionate about providing you with vegan toothpaste?

why are we so passionate about providing you with vegan toothpaste?

To us, “vegan toothpaste” is not just a label or a marketing ploy. It’s a commitment that’s central to our mission. You see, our mission is to provide you with the best natural that sustains nature+you.

How do we accomplish this? By creating a vegan toothpaste that utilizes thoughtfully-sourced, intentional ingredients. These ingredients not only work to nurture your oral + holistic health….but they also take a stand against animal cruelty and other unethical industry “norms”.

When you grab your tube of Davids every single morning and evening, we want you to feel confident and comforted knowing that it’s the best choice for your mouth...and your conscience.

With that being said, let’s dive into some of the details surrounding why we’re so passionate about providing you with the best vegan toothpaste out there.

vegan toothpaste is few and far between

Like many other personal care products, it’s not so obvious that toothpaste contains animal products. After all, you won’t find too many bacon-flavored toothpastes on the shelves.

Our founder Eric attended many vegan trade shows during the four-year journey of formulating Davids Natural Toothpaste. He was shocked by how many people had no idea that their toothpaste contained animal by-products. This not only heightened his passion for formulating the best vegan toothpaste out there, but it also reminded him how important it is to bring more transparency and awareness into an industry dominated by the same few “big name” brands for decades. So, here we are, increasing your awareness and upholding our commitment to transparency.

So, what are these sneaky animal-derived ingredients found in toothpaste (even some natural toothpaste)?

  • glycerin: this thick, gooey liquid is often derived from animal fat (ours is derived from plants). You’ll find this ingredient in many toothpastes, lotions, and soaps, as it locks in moisture and keeps products from sticking to their casing.
  • flavor: be wary of any toothpaste that lists “flavor” as an ingredient. Not only does this raise red flags regarding transparency, but it also allows brands to slip in ingredients that may be derived from animals, unfriendly to your body, or both.
  • calcium phosphate: you’ll find that some fluoride toothpastes contain calcium phosphate, as it enhances the performance of fluoride. This ingredient is often derived from rock or bone meal.
  • propolis: some natural toothpaste (not ours) contains propolis, an ingredient that’s said to kill bacteria in place of harsh chemicals. Propolis is produced by honeybees, making it a non-vegan ingredient.

You can rest assured that every single tube of Davids is 100% vegan and contains no animal by-products. We use a premium vegetable glycerin that’s produced right here in the US, and all of our other bacteria-fighting, enamel-strengthening, and breath-freshening ingredients are derived from natural plant and mineral sources.

too many toothpastes are tested on animals

It’s important to note that even if a toothpaste does not contain animal-derived ingredients, it may still test on animals. In our book, that means they’re not vegan.

We’re sad to report that most mainstream toothpastes are still tested on animals. How have they been getting away with this for so long? Well, probably because no brand is going to stamp “we test on animals” across their packaging, so they’re able to swipe their practices under the rug.

Many big-name brands will say that they’re committed to working towards eliminating animal testing and that most of their testing is done using databases and non-animal techniques. However, they keep animal testing as an option when they can’t find any other means to ensure their product is safe for consumers.

In our opinion, if you can’t ensure the safety of an ingredient unless you test it on a group of animals in a lab, it probably shouldn’t be in a personal care product that you use every single day (especially in your mouth).

It’s estimated that up to 500,000 animals around the world suffer and die as a result of cosmetic product testing. Toothpaste is one of those cosmetic products.

The truth is, unless it’s labeled as a cruelty free toothpaste (like we are), you can’t be sure it avoids animal testing. Toothpaste is a product you use twice daily, so we deeply understand the desire for a toothpaste that does not contribute to animal cruelty...and one that does not use questionable ingredients that would even require animal testing!

That’s exactly why we made cruelty free toothpaste that’s safe for you and animals. Davids is certified by Leaping Bunny, the only organization with an internationally-recognized symbol that certifies no animal tests were used in the development of a product.

Finally, a vegan toothpaste you can safely rely on.

our vegan toothpaste is cruelty free and effective

Not only is our vegan toothpaste certified cruelty-free, but it’s also effective in maintaining and optimizing your oral health.

Unlike other toothpastes that stuff fillers, preservatives, and emulsifiers into their formulas, every single one of our ingredients serves a purpose (and often, more than one purpose). For example:

  • Our vegetable glycerin doesn’t just keep your toothpaste from hardening and sticking to the tube. It also works to activate your saliva glands to help prevent and/or reduce dry mouth.
  • Our premium peppermint oils and birch-derived xylitol don’t just enhance the fantastic, fresh taste of our natural toothpaste. They also work to kill bad bacteria and keep plaque from forming on your teeth.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! You can learn more about our intentional vegan ingredients here. Always remember, they were chosen to sustain nature+you, so you can rest easy knowing our vegan toothpaste has your best interest at heart.


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