benefits of a tongue scraper

should I scrape my tongue before or after brushing? our top tips for you

should I scrape my tongue before or after brushing? our top tips for you

Whether you’ve never heard of tongue scraping before, or you’ve been using a tongue scraper for can be confusing to determine the most effective order of operations for your oral care routine.

Should I scrape my tongue before or after brushing?

We’ve asked ourselves the same question a time or two. And lucky for you, we’ve found the answer. Follow along as we discuss the best time to use your tongue scraper + all of the amazing benefits it adds to your oral care routine.

should I scrape my tongue before or after brushing?

You’ll get maximum benefits if you scrape after brushing, especially when there’s still a bit of natural toothpaste left behind.

Your tongue is full of cracks, grooves, and pores. So when you scrape your tongue after brushing, you allow the bacteria-fighting ingredients of our natural toothpaste to enter these spaces and begin cleaning. Then, you can use your tongue scraper to wipe away remaining food particles, residue, and bacteria for a deeper clean.

Here are some additional tips regarding the order of your oral care routine.

  1. floss first: while most dentists will floss your teeth after cleaning, we recommend doing it before. When you floss, you’re dislodging particles and bacteria from the tiny crevices between your teeth. If you don’t brush after doing this, some of those particles and bacteria may remain in your mouth. Plus, when you floss before brushing, you allow your teeth to receive the maximum effect of your toothpaste. If you’re using our hydroxyapatite toothpaste, flossing first may allow those hydroxyapatite particles to better penetrate weakened areas and remineralize your enamel.
  2. brush with Davids: brushing with our effective natural toothpaste sets your mouth up for the perfect tongue scraping. It covers your mouth with bacteria-fighting, teeth-whitening, and enamel-restoring ingredients, leaving your mouth fresh and primed for tongue scraping.
  3. use your tongue scraper: as explained above, tongue scraping after brushing sets you up for maximum benefits (which we discuss in the next section).
  4. finish with natural mouthwash: when you finish with natural mouthwash (especially one fortified with hydroxyapatite), you allow the ingredients to penetrate and nourish your freshly cleaned teeth. Oh, and stay tuned for an exciting announcement from us about natural mouthwash!

One last pro tip: we recommend doing this entire routine first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything. This is because tons of bacteria form and fester in your mouth while you sleep, so if you wake up and take a big gulp of water, you might be swallowing harmful bacteria that could disrupt the balance of your gut microbiome. Avoid this by starting your day with a fresh mouth. 

why use a tongue scraper?

The benefits of a tongue scraper are undeniable. If you’re not already using one, here are a few great reasons to start!

  • it clears bacteria, toxins, and dead cells from your tongue: this is perhaps the most obvious benefit, as tongue scraping removes residue and microorganisms from your tongue's surface.
  • it can prevent bad breath: tongue scraping is one of the most effective ways to remove odor-causing particles from your tongue (especially the back of your tongue)
  • it can enhance your sense of taste: tongue scraping cleanses and rejuvenates your taste buds. One study found that just two weeks of tongue scraping resulted in improved taste.
  • it increases your overall health awareness: ancient Ayurveda claims that you can learn a lot about your current state of health by the appearance of your tongue. Conventional doctors also tend to follow this concept, which is why many doctors and dentists will ask you to stick out your tongue at the beginning of an exam.
  • it can reduce your overall toxin load: dental Ayurveda also states that your tongue is directly connected to several of your vital organs. When you use a tongue scraper, you remove toxins from your tongue while stimulating the tissue, which does the same for the connected organs. The result? You help your organs detox and restore balance.
  • it can improve your digestion: your mouth is the window to your gut, and reducing the amount of bad bacteria in your mouth does the same for your gut, allowing the good bacteria to flourish and promote good digestion.

For a deeper dive into the benefits of tongue scraping, check out our previous article: why use a tongue scraper? 5 little known facts about its benefits.

why Davids’ is the best tongue scraper

Tongue scraping has been around for centuries, so there’s no shortage of tongue scraper options on the market. We’d like to explain some of the things that set ours apart from the rest.

Our tongue scraper is the Tongue Sweeper Model P, which sports these amazing qualities.

  • stainless steel construction: this model is dishwasher safe, hypoallergenic, BPA-free, and non-toxic. Unlike plastic and bamboo tongue scrapers, it’s extremely durable and will not break from everyday use. This high-quality metal will not show sharp edges like some copper and other low-quality metal options.
  • dentist designed: the Tongue Sweeper is used as an example in dental schools! Its patented design is preferred by dental professionals.
  • easy to use: unlike most tongue scrapers, it’s designed with a one-handed grip with a soft, curved head to reduce initiating the gag reflex and to promote overall ease of use. This model can be used by adults and children 5+ years of age, and you can even use it on your pets.

Our tongue scraper is a safe, sustainable, and effective way to elevate + optimize your oral health. When you pair it with our natural toothpaste, it’s one of the best + easiest ways to start and end your day on the freshest possible note.


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