a valentine's day love story about natural toothpaste?

a valentine's day love story about natural toothpaste?

a valentine's day love story about natural toothpaste?

It’s no secret that when you think about Davids Natural Toothpaste, your mind probably doesn’t jump to romance and Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry, we’re not offended. That’s not exactly the branding we’re going for, but you might be surprised to learn about love’s important role in the Davids story. As we celebrate Valentine’s Day together this year, we wanted to let you in on an inside secret...a secret love message that you can find on every box of Davids Natural Toothpaste. 


In the early years of creating Davids, Eric (our founder’s name is Eric...that’s another story) created all the artwork himself, inspired by minimalism and modern design. Launching Davids was a three-year process that involved many ups and downs. When the time came for Eric to finalize the artwork, he felt there was still something missing. It needed some sort of special tribute...a symbol to represent all the love and support that his wife Annette had given him through all those ups and downs. Her love and support played a huge role in making his crazy dream come true, so naturally...Eric added a secret love code to the packaging as a special tribute to Annette.

Ready to learn about this secret love message? You may have noticed a code on your Davids package right next to the barcode: D2MFVAMB. The code actually stands for, “Dedicated To My Forever Valentine, Annette (Middle) (Last)”. From the very first box of Davids up to today, every single box has carried (and will continue to carry) this special tribute of Eric’s love for his wife Annette...and now you are in on the secret!

happy valentine’s day!

We want to wish the entire Davids community a Happy Valentine’s Day! We can’t thank you enough for supporting our brand, loving our natural toothpaste, believing in our vision, and being a part of our journey. This Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to think about all the love that lifts you up and supports you every day. We hope you cherish that love and pursue it relentlessly!  

from Eric and the Davids team, we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! 

And another message from Eric to Annette…...YRSMFVAMB!

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