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earth month motivation: try out some of our favorite ways to sustain nature+you

earth month motivation: try out some of our favorite ways to sustain nature+you

Spring has sprung! The flowers are blooming, the days are lengthening, the sun is shining...and sustainability is on our minds (as always). As this new season begins to breathe new life into the world around us, we can’t help but feel a little extra love and care for it. And what perfect timing, considering Earth Day is just a couple of weeks away.

With eco-conscious values as the core pillars of Davids, we’re so excited to celebrate the planet this month and shine a light on our favorite ways to sustain nature+you. We hope these nature-centric tips and tricks help you feel excited for Earth Month and inspired to deepen your connection with the natural world.

1: ground yourself in nature

Traditional meditation foundations suggest that the human body is composed of nature itself. It suggests that getting closer to these elements in nature (physically breathing, touching, seeing, and smelling them) allows us to strengthen our internal connection to nature.

When we feel this deeper connection, we feel more inspired to care for the world around us, becoming more aware of and in tune with how our behaviors affect the environment. This further encourages us to remain intentional with our choices, prioritizing choices that are better for the planet...and, in turn, ourselves.

2: master your mindfulness

Part of grounding yourself in nature is mindfulness, the simple state of complete awareness that brings you into your body and into the present moment.

But mindfulness doesn’t only happen when you’re surrounded by nature. In fact, mindfulness is a practice you can incorporate into your daily routine whenever you want. You can practice “micro mindfulness” in just a couple of minutes...the same amount of time it takes you to brush your teeth!

Next time you go to brush your teeth, we invite you to do a body scan: what do you feel in your body? What do you see? What do you taste?

Practicing mindfulness regularly like this makes it “second nature” to routinely check in with yourself, how you’re feeling, and how your decisions make you feel. It inspires you to get out of “autopilot mode” and move through your day with more intention and consciousness...which can help you on your journey to nurture yourself and the world around you.

3: embrace your inner minimalist

Minimalism is a wonderful guide to help you simplify your life and focus on the things that nurture your wellbeing....and the wellbeing of the planet. As you can tell by our minimal (but intentional) ingredient list, packaging design, and overall brand beliefs, we’re huge fans of minimalism!

What is it, exactly?

Minimalism is simply a way of thinking, a tool, that can help you gain freedom from the “keeping up with the Joneses” mindset. It’s the idea that true happiness and fulfillment are not based on material things....they’re intrinsic traits that can be achieved through mindful and conscious purchases.

That fits right in with the concept of sustainability! In fact, experts suggest that minimalism can help the planet. And from personal experience, we can attest that minimalism has the potential to nurture your intrinsic wellbeing, too.

4: beautify your beauty routine

On the subject of conscious purchases, we invite you to check in with your beauty (or overall self-care) routine. The ugly side of the beauty industry is that so many products on the market contain harmful ingredients.

As the Environmental Working Group (EWG) puts it, these chemicals have even been linked to cancer, hormone disruption, fertility issues, and beyond. You can vet your own beauty products using the EWG Skin Deep Database to see if your products contain any questionable ingredients. They’ll also suggest cleaner alternatives for you!

We’re proud that Davids is an EWG-verified natural toothpaste, meaning it meets the EWG’s strictest standards for quality, safety, and transparency. We encourage you to make sure the rest of your beauty products do too! You can check out some of our favorite products in our previous blog post: what is clean beauty? its important role in a healthy self-care routine.

5: optimize your natural oral care routine

We’re biased, but this might be our favorite tip. Oral care is something that you commit to every single day (multiple times per day!), and it’s not going anywhere. So why not optimize it to sustain nature+you? Here’s what we mean by that.

  • natural toothpaste: many people brush their teeth without thinking about how their toothpaste is affecting their overall health and the environment. The ingredients in your toothpaste often end up in your gut, your bloodstream, and your natural environment! These products go down your drain, into your gums and tissues, and flow through your digestive tract to your gut. Don’t you want your toothpaste to contain natural, intentional ingredients? The ingredients in our natural toothpaste are all sustainably sourced from nature. They avoid any harmful chemicals that you might find in conventional toothpaste...such an easy way to sustain nature+you.
  • sustainable packaging: over 1 billion (with a ‘b’) plastic toothpaste tubes make their way to oceans, ecosystems, and landfills every single year. By using Davids, you can completely eliminate this unnecessary plastic pollution. Our natural toothpaste comes packaged in aluminum, arguably the most infinitely and easily recyclable material on the planet. You can also opt out of receiving a plastic cap and metal tube roller to further reduce your toothpaste waste. All of our products come packaged in FSC-certified paperboard...another recyclable material that ensures your oral care packaging is circular, not wasteful.
  • bamboo toothbrush: using a bamboo toothbrush instead of a conventional plastic toothbrush introduces many new benefits to your oral care routine. Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and easy to grip, making it an ideal material for a toothbrush. Much like toothpaste tubes, it’s estimated that 1 billion toothbrushes are thrown away each year in the US. Unlike plastic, bamboo is a natural material that can decompose in a matter of weeks (as long as you dispose of it correctly). Stay tuned for a special announcement for us about a new bamboo toothbrush on the block!
  • tongue scraper: a tongue scraper can replace or enhance the use of mouthwash, another product that’s responsible for millions of tons of plastic waste every year. Scraping your tongue also introduces numerous health benefits from reducing your body’s overall toxin load to improving your digestion. Our professional, one-handed, stainless steel tongue scraper is specifically designed to smoothly lift and remove bad bacteria from your mouth, nurturing your oral care in a natural and sustainable way.

As you can see, everything we do is to sustain nature+you. We hope these tips inspire you to adopt the same mantra in your life, especially this time of year. The entire Davids team wishes you a happy, healthy, and enlightening Earth Month!

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