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earth month moments: five of our favorite ways to (oral) care for the planet

earth month moments: five of our favorite ways to (oral) care for the planet

On behalf of the Davids team, Happy Earth Month! It’s one of our favorite months, as our love for sustainability feels shared and echoed worldwide.

On Earth Day (April 22nd), over 1 billion people will participate in some sustainability-related event, discussion, or initiative, and we couldn’t be more excited about that! To get you feeling inspired and prepared for this month/day centered around sustainability, we’re sharing five of our favorite ways to care for your mouth, your overall health, and the planet that sustains us all.

1: prioritizing low-waste natural oral care

We know what you might be thinking: they’re an oral care company, of course they’re going to focus on things like sustainable toothpaste and sustainable floss during Earth Month. We understand, but please hear us out, because conventional oral care has been doing damage for decades. Did you know it’s estimated that Americans toss out...

  • Over 1 billion (with a b) plastic toothpaste tubes every year
  • Over 1 billion plastic toothbrushes yearly to go with them
  • Out over 700 million plastic floss dispensers every year
  • About 4.7 billion floss picks, too

Oral care isn’t going anywhere, so it’s up to us all to make a change, and we’re passionate about providing you with incredible products to go against the conventional ways. For starters…

  • Our sustainable toothpaste comes packaged in an infinitely recyclable toothpaste tube, so you can easily avoid contributing to those 1 billion plastic tubes that end up in landfills.
  • Our bamboo toothbrush is biodegradable, meaning it’ll break down and return to the soil in as little as a few weeks.
  • Our sustainable floss comes in a refillable dispenser, so you can stick to the same dispenser for the rest of your life (and we hope you feel inspired to do just that)!

Not only do our products care for the planet, but they’re formulated to nurture your holistic health too. You won’t find harmful chemicals or artificial/synthetic ingredients such as flavors, dyes, fillers, preservatives, and foaming agents in any of our products. Instead, you’ll find intentional ingredients that serve a specific purpose, nurturing your long-term oral and overall health.

2: shopping (and sourcing) locally

Knowing where your products come from can help you make informed, sustainable decisions all throughout the year. Shopping from companies that source their products locally can help you drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Below, we’ve outlined some of our favorite ways to shop locally and sustainably.

  • Find farmer’s markets near you. Sourcing your produce, meat, and eggs from local farmers allows you to reduce your carbon footprint, know exactly how your food was grown/raised, and protect precious farmland that might otherwise be developed for commercial use. Check out this USDA Farmers Market Directory to find one near you!
  • Seek out “refillery” stores. Stores like this allow you to bring back your bottles and refill them, helping you cut back your waste and support local businesses.
  • Know where your favorite self-care brands source their ingredients. Is your favorite brand sourcing all of its stuff from overseas? It might be time to make a switch (more on that below).

Our sustainable toothpaste is not JUST made in the USA, it’s USA origin too. Many of the big-name oral care companies ship their ingredients from overseas, mix them in a US factory, and stamp “Made in the USA” on their packaging. At Davids, we aim to source premium ingredients that are farmed, mined, and processed here in the USA. 98% of the ingredients in our sustainable toothpaste are USA Origin, allowing us to cut our carbon footprint, support American jobs, and be fully & proudly transparent with you.

3: embracing cruelty free self-care routines

In line with our love for creating cruelty free toothpaste, we’re passionate about helping you curate entire beauty and self-care routines that honor the planet, protect animals, and nurture your health. To explore some of our favorite clean beauty brands, check out these previous articles:

They outline clean oral care gifts, skincare products, healthy home goods, and easy vegan swaps for common items that sneakily contain animal byproducts. These articles also call out the fact that some vegan brands might still test on animals, which is not cruelty free in our book.

You can brush in peace knowing that our cruelty free toothpaste sports the Leaping Bunny certification, meaning we do not test on animals at any point in our supply chain/production process.

4: mastering minimalism

You might be able to tell we’re lovers of minimalism from our brand ethos, our clean packaging designs, and the short ingredient list on the back of our sustainable toothpaste. We believe that with intention, simplicity has the potential to nurture your physical health, your mental health, and the planet....far better than complexity.

Minimalism is based upon the idea that true joy and fulfillment come from within you, not from more and more material items. Instead of allowing all the people and ads of today’s world to constantly “influence” you, take a deep breath, acknowledge it as consumerism, and ask yourself if you truly need that item. Soon enough, you’ll find that your inner happiness can flourish with fewer, more mindful purchases.

Not only does minimalism have the power to help you reduce your carbon footprint, but it can also reduce stress and anxiety in your life. That leaves even more mental space for you to care for yourself and the world around you!

5: spending time in nature

As humans, we’re intrinsically connected to nature. Throughout history, we have evolved and adapted alongside nature and proven that our physical and mental wellness is deeply intertwined with the world around us.

Scientific analyses suggest that more time in nature (visiting outdoor spaces more than once per week) is associated with better health. It also suggests that a deeper connection to nature is associated with more environmentally friendly behavior. As humans, we’re more likely to care for the things that are right in front of us, so be sure to get out in nature this Earth Month and beyond!

At Davids, our sustainable toothpaste, natural bamboo toothbrush, and expanding floss are all made with (or infused with) ingredients sourced and derived from nature. From our premium mint essential oils to our birch-derived xylitol (and so many more), our ingredients offer an incredible unexpected way to bring the natural world into your everyday self-care routine.

buy now.

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