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our top five tips for navigating the holiday season as a vegan

our top five tips for navigating the holiday season as a vegan

As a brand centered around cruelty-free, vegan toothpaste, we understand the importance and passion behind veganism. Whether you’re a strict vegan or simply trying to reduce your reliance on meat or animal products, we want to support you.

It’s no secret that the holiday season often centers around food and gifts, all of which can involve animal-based products and byproducts. This can be challenging, especially if you feel like you’re the only one in your circle who follows a vegan lifestyle.

That’s exactly why we’ve put together this quick guide with our top five tips for navigating the holiday season as a vegan. We hope it provides you with some encouragement, so you can fully enjoy your holidays and continue on your vegan journey with confidence and positivity.

1: prepare for questions

If you’re an experienced vegan, you probably already know that it comes with a lot of questions. 

  • How do you get enough protein?
  • Isn’t your body undernourished?
  • What do you eat every day?
  • Come on, don’t you make exceptions for special occasions?
  • Why are you vegan, anyway?

We know hearing these questions over and over can be frustrating, but they’re a little easier to handle when you come prepared. Don’t worry, we’re not looking to “school” you on your own diet. But the following reminders can make good responses to these questions.

  • protein: lentils, legumes, nuts, seeds, and beans (including soybeans, tofu, and tempeh) are high in protein. These plant-based proteins are low in cholesterol, unlike their animal counterparts. Feel free to mention there are plenty of amazing athletes who are vegan! 
  • nutrients: a vegan diet focuses on overall nutrient profiles, rather than single nutrients. Whole foods are very nutrient-dense, and eating a wide variety of them makes for a nourishing diet.
  • daily diet: if you don’t want to go through an entire “what I eat in a day,” you can simply explain that your diet is always changing, and you’re always trying new nutritious vegan recipes.
  • special occasions: remember, your choice to eat meat or animal products on special occasions is your choice. We encourage you to let go of guilt whether you choose one way or another. You can simply explain to someone, “sure, I’ll eat some animal products over the holidays while still keeping them limited” or “no, my vegan diet does not change just because it’s the holidays.”
  • remember your why: whether your “why” is advocating for animals or reducing your environmental footprint (or both), keeping it in mind will help you answer questions and remain confident in your decision. For a little inspiration: Davids’ founder, Eric, took four years to perfect our vegan toothpaste formula. All along, he kept his “why” in mind, knowing that he wanted to sustain nature+you while advocating for animal lives.

You never know, these questions (and your awesome answers) might present a unique opportunity to inspire someone with your story.

2: never arrive hungry

This tip is pretty straightforward: be sure to nourish your body with whole, plant-based foods before you go over to someone’s house for a holiday event. That way, you won’t be desperate to eat right when you get there (and realize that there might not be enough vegan options for you).

Not to mention, when someone asks you what you eat every day as a vegan, you can reference the amazing vegan meal you just had earlier that day!

3: bring your favorite festive vegan dish

To go off of the last tip, bring your favorite vegan dish! It could be fun to recreate a traditional dish with vegan ingredients, so you can show your loved ones it can be just as good without animal products.

It can also be helpful to bring a main dish and a dessert dish, so you have something to eat at all times. Here are some ideas: sweet potato lasagna, mashed potatoes & gravy, shepherd’s pot pie, and easy vegan pumpkin pie.

See who’s surprised to find out these dishes are vegan!

4: focus on the positive moments + common ground

Although you might feel inundated with questions, remember that food is only one part of the holiday season! Instead of focusing on all the times you feel like you’re the “odd one out” eating only plant-based foods, we encourage you to focus on all the common ground:

  • festive decorations
  • seasonal songs
  • fun games and traditions
  • sports and activities
  • sledding and ice skating
  • holiday movies and shows
  • shopping (especially when it’s shopping small, local, and sustainably)

There are so many fun, festive things to do that do not hyper-focus on your vegan lifestyle. The holidays are all about coming together over love and celebration. Choose to cherish the warm, connective moments rather than harping on the moments that highlight your differences.

5: gift the best vegan toothpaste

Open everyone’s eyes to the magic of vegan products, starting with our vegan toothpaste! Since it’s a gift that everyone can enjoy, it’s the perfect go-to gift to check off your holiday shopping list.

Whether you’re looking for a classic mint flavor, our unique herbal citrus peppermint, our kids+adults watermelon strawberry, or our sensitive+whitening nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste… you can be sure that our choice includes the highest quality vegan ingredients.

Containing no animal by products, our vegan toothpaste is fortified with intentional ingredients such as premium peppermint oils, the highest quality micro-abrasives, enamel-strengthening hydroxyapatite, and hydrating xylitol. It’s perfect for everyday brushing and vegan teeth whitening. For more vegan tips inspo, and info, check out these previous articles.

You never know, the gift of Davids Natural Toothpaste might inspire someone you love to seek out more vegan self-care products.

buy now.

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