best natural toothpaste for kids

does your kid hate oral care? try our top five tips and natural toothpaste for kids

does your kid hate oral care? try our top five tips and natural toothpaste for kids

Do your kids put up a fight when you ask them to brush (let alone floss) their teeth? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A survey by Delta Dental revealed that 45% of parents agree it’s a huge challenge to get their kids to brush their teeth.

Day after day, fuss after fuss, we understand it’s tempting to throw the towel in altogether. Why go through all the stress of forcing your kids oral health upon them when their teeth are just going to fall out anyway? Well, we’re here to remind you that these early years are some of the most important and foundational years for oral health, and establishing good habits at a young age can work wonders for your kids down the road.

After all, healthy “baby” teeth play a central role in helping your child learn how to chew and talk, and they pave the way for your kid’s permanent teeth. In other words, healthy baby teeth give your little ones a much better chance at growing healthy adult teeth!

So, for those parents/caretakers who feel like they’re entering a battle every time tooth-brushing rolls around, we’re sharing our top five tips to help you establish a fun and effective kids oral health routine. Of course, we couldn’t share these tips without also reminding you to schedule a trip to the dentist for your little one (every six months) and encouraging you to refresh their routine with our favorite natural toothpaste for kids. Now, onto our favorite tips!

1: teach them fun facts about their teeth

Start to bring some fun back into oral care by telling your little one 10 surprising facts about their teeth. In this previous article, you can explore 10 of our favorite facts, including how enamel is stronger than bone and how teeth can serve as a second set of fingerprints. It’s worth noting: research reveals that oral health education programs in schools have been effective at increasing kids’ knowledge, attitudes, and dental hygiene. Adding a little bit of fun into oral health education can help get them more excited about kids oral health! You might learn a thing or two that’ll motivate and rejuvenate your own oral health routine.

Additionally, you can create fictional stories that depict the importance of kids oral health. For example, if your little one really loves superheroes, maybe create a story where oral bacteria and plaque are supervillains, and the toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss are a team of superheroes who work together to keep their “tooth town” safe and healthy.

2: do fun hands-on experiments

Learning fun facts is a great entry point, but it’s no secret that some kids learn and absorb things better by seeing and doing. There are so many visual and hands-on activities you can do with your little ones to get them excited about kids oral health.

This article runs through 30 exercises, ranging from interactive videos to science experiments. One experiment involves covering hard-boiled eggs with flour-based “plaque” and challenging your kid(s) to brush the plaque off the egg before and after it’s hardened. This can help them see the value of brushing their teeth daily to avoid allowing plaque to harden on their own teeth. Another activity involves creating a replica mouth full of marshmallow “teeth,” giving you a perfect diorama to show your little ones how to floss properly.

3: establish a rewards system

A simple, harmless rewards system might also help solidify your kids oral health routine. While parents often have mixed feelings about external rewards, this 2023 study shows that they can promote children to be more proactive. If this is something you’re interested in, here are some simple reward ideas.

  • sticker charts or other crafts, puzzles, and art
  • an extra trip to the park
  • an exciting playdate
  • a new toothbrush that lights up
  • a new toothpaste flavor (more on that below)
  • a new game to play before, during, or after the routine

We recommend reserving rewards for more “dire” situations, so your little one doesn’t expect a reward after brushing twice every single day (unless you’re up for that).

4: turn brushing into a dance party

Can you make brushing time a family affair? Since we all have to brush our teeth at some point in the morning and evening, it can be the perfect opportunity to bond as a family. After all, kids love following their parents and older siblings! We recommend throwing on your (shared) favorite song to dance and brush together.

You can also find educational songs out there specifically crafted around kids oral health. These two-minute songs can keep your little one engaged the entire time, guiding them through the movements of brushing and flossing, so they can practice proper techniques while jamming to some tunes. You can start by searching “brush your teeth songs” to sift through options before committing to one (which we encourage since you’ll probably end up listening to it every day for the foreseeable future).

5: try different toothpaste flavors and toothbrush types

It’s possible that your child’s resistance to brushing might be related to sensory issues. It could be as simple as they don’t like the taste/texture of their toothpaste or the feel of their toothbrush. If you haven’t already, try our strawberry+watermelon natural toothpaste! It’s the perfect option for both kids and adults because, unlike other conventional kids toothpaste, it doesn’t contain any chemical fillers, artificial flavors, or preservatives. Because it’s SLS-free, it won’t excessively foam like other toothpastes out there, and its juicy, subtly sweet flavor is perfect for your little ones.

We think it’s the best natural toothpaste for kids because it’s fluoride-free and SLS-free, so you don’t have to worry about them swallowing it. Conventional formulas that are full of fluoride, SLS, and other potentially toxic ingredients come with a poison control label, but ours doesn’t need one. You can feel peace knowing your little one can swallow our toothpaste without worry.

If your little one is open to mint flavors, we highly recommend introducing our sensitive+whitening nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste into their daily oral care routine. Starting them on a hydroxyapatite toothpaste routine when they’re young can help them develop strong, healthy enamel that’s properly nourished with essential minerals. This habit can help turn kids oral health into long-term oral health, setting them up for a bright, smiley future.

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